Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief

Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief

We Are Born To Be Abundant

Our birthright is to be abundant. Because we are connected to the divine we are co-creators and we may create anything that we wish.

We can attract anything you want into our lives, it is up to us to create it. You have heard the expression be careful what you wish for. For very good reason because as co-creators what we think about is what we get.

Your thoughts today will be many. Every minute thousands of thoughts will go through your head. Whatever these thoughts are they will translate into feelings. Which of these thoughts will you feel today?

You have two choices today you can focus on what you don’t have and consequently you are thinking of lack which you will bring into your life today. Paucity is thinking poverty thoughts.


Prosperity is a way of living and thinking and not just having the money or things. Poverty is a way of living and thinking and not just a lack of money and things.
~ Eric Butterworth


Rich man

My connection to the infinite intelligence of the universe and myself is expanding every day.

I do wonderful work, in a wonderful way with wonderful people for wonderful pay.

I don’t need outside validation to know that I am perfect just the way I am.

My life is filled with grace and ease and I wonder how much more I can receive today?

Every day in every way I am opening my heart to become more prosperous.

I don’t love anything so much that I can’t let go of it.

My authentic self is whole and complete, I am self-accepting because what I see is perfect.

The universe will provide everything I need today.

Today will be filled with love and joy because I was thankful all the love and joy I received yesterday and will receive tomorrow

I allow only good things to come into my life today and I love them with all my heart

Today I wonder what it’s like to drop all resistance to prosperity so that it will come to me naturally

The whole of the universe and everything in it is conspiring with me today to create abundance in my life.

From this moment I will sink only thoughts and ideas that will heal, bless, inspire and strengthen me.

Today I choose to release my self-imposed limitations and remember I have a phenomenal mind which appreciates the connection to my higher self.

Everything I need comes to me effortlessly.

Poor man

The peace and fulfilment I see in others are not for me.

I am too tired to dream of changing my life.

My parents didn’t love me because I am unlovable.

I am different from everybody else because I’m separate from them.

My critical inner voice is the only voice I should be listening to. It’s the only voice which is true because it tells me what’s wrong with me.


I don’t deserve to be showered with money

I stand and watch other people be happy because they have things I don’t have.

I allow myself to be repressed today because I will repress and suppress my feelings.

Perfect health his brother people.

Every day I allow myself to feel worse.

I am waiting to be happy.

My pain will never leave me because it’s part of me.

I will close my mind and my heart to joy.


I am sick and tired of being sick and tired

I am unworthy, I don’t deserve to be loved

If only I was thin I could be happy.

i ican never make life better.

My job is killing me.

I am too lazy to find out what my core values are.

I prefer to hide behind my shadow self.

I am beyond healing.

Don’t you realise I’m too old to change?
This is really hard I can’t do it.

Life is a constant struggle.

The word affirmation means to affirm. Even if you are creating something massive and expansive you can see results in a very short period of time just by changing what you think which in turn changes what you feel which in turn creates a different attitude which in turn opens your heart to new opportunities.

If you are continuously affirming and not seeing any positive change then you are clinging on and not letting go on a subconscious level to things which no longer serve you. Read this here about letting go.


One of the ways that you can bring abundance into your life is to write a gratitude journal. I have been doing this for several years now when I started it was difficult.

Every day I write down three things for which I am grateful for, if you would like to join me I have just put it on my website. Prior to this I, was in a private WhatsApp group. Let me know what you have to be grateful for today.

Sharing gratitude spreads abundance and love. We only write about three things because sometimes it reminds us to think about the small things like home-made soup rather than I received a cheque for my birthday today

Who or What Are your Spirit Guides?

Who or What Are your Spirit Guides?

My personal knowledge of spirit guides has changed recently because I have become aware my spiritual guides have changed.

As I understand it, you have two types of spirit guides the dominant spirit guides and the subdominant spirit guides.

The dominant spirit guides.

I have always thought of the spirit guides as being a part of you. Part of your higher self. But I have repeatedly said I don’t see things, but many people have told me that they can see my dominant spirit guides as being Tibetan, Chinese or North Indian and I also have a Native American spirit guide.

I can feel their presence energetically. I am aware of which ones I am feeling even if I don’t know the names or their origin.

They are all Essentially ME

I have always known that they are an integral part of me. It’s even possible that they have been a part of my past present and future. That is if you think about timing linear ways which I am thinking less about as I age.

Since I consciously decided to expand the spiritual aspects of my personality about three years ago, I have become more conscious of these guides and their presence in my life.

I have always looked upon them as aspects of myself.
Recently, as most of you who will know who read my blog regularly, I lost my husband. Very nearly a year his energy didn’t leave the house, and then I felt it ebb away albeit slowly

I decided in about June 2018 that I didn’t want this presence to leave my life. I decided to manifest a world where Leo, my husband was a spirit guide.

I Had to Believe this Was Possible

First of all, I didn’t know for absolute certain that this was possible although I felt it was. I didn’t define what type of spirit guide I wanted him to be. I didn’t actually think that far ahead. I merely manifested the thought that it would be advantageous for him to be one of my spirit guides.

On 8 September 2018, I met with Pamela Aaralyn, and she expressed surprise that Leo was a dominant spirit guide. She has said that it’s very rare for a deceased relative to be a dominant spirit guide because they are part of their own soul collective.

Why Leo agreed to be my dominant spirit guide is anyone’s guess. Immediately we met it was like we had known each other before. Was it love at first sight? No, it was anything but.


Going to the Roof of The World

We met on a bus going to Tibet, and the first night we attempted to sleep together. Not as you may imagine in the sexual sense, but because it was cold! Leo had left his sleeping bag on the roof and couldn’t get it because the bus was still going. I had mine with me.

Somehow, it felt as though there was a cord that bound us together. Yet in a way, it took many years to establish the trust and respect we have for each other.

We were each other’s best friends as well as partners. We trusted each other’s judgement in both a personal and professional sense.

Many many years later I can’t remember when, maybe after 30 years, maybe more we both realised that we with the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy. At least, we were when we went straight down the middle. We needed each other.

Better Together

What is odd about this connection is that although I can feel him everywhere I go, I can’t hear him. I am trying different ways to be able to understand his message.

Many say that your dominant spirit guides were picked by you, or rather your higher self before you decided to come to earth for this life’s experience. Maybe I did pick Leo. One of his greatest attributes was the fact he could always make me see something in a different perspective.

What I wonder is what is in it for him? I know that he is evolving in another dimension and I also know he is working towards an increase in collective consciousness.

As we learn to improve the path of communication, I realise it is a slow process. Rather like the process in life of getting to know each other. At least on this journey, the basis of trust and security has already been established.

Does he stop me from being aware of other spirit guides? No, he doesn’t! His purpose is not to protect me, nor is it to stop connections with other beings.

I am always aware of the connection with the elementals. I can’t say I have either heard, seen or felt an angel. That doesn’t mean I haven’t. Sometimes it’s just nice to bask in the energy. I don’t always ask who, or what or why they are!

I may have other subdominant spirit guides. Maybe they are guardians or watchers? I feel as though these guides are fleeting. They are there when you need them.

That doesn’t mean that there are any less important. They are there I think to guide you when you are having a tough time. When you are in crisis or in a dark place, then you find your watchers.

I know my spirit guides individually in the sense that they all feel differently. I can always define the energy. What I can’t do is tell you what they look like, what they say or who they are. To me, it doesn’t seem very important. Some people are fortunate in that they can see and know the name of their spirit guides. Maybe, I’ve never seriously asked (I have asked but maybe not necessarily in a state that I may understand the answer). I’m guessing because this isn’t important to me, but if I should find out during the course of my further understandings, I will let you know.

Because I’m not in any way clairvoyant, it would be difficult for me to see angels. Apart from anything else, it seems ridiculous in my head, to see the energy in a physical form with wings! I will leave that to Diana Cooper!

I tend to meet these guides which I feel a part of my soul family. We have had many experiences with each other. I personally tend to encounter them in the hypnagogic state. That is the transitional state just between being awake and being asleep.

In my world, the hypnagogic state is more fluid than my waking state. Many people including Charlie Morley associate the state with lucid dreaming. But lucid dreaming is another topic which I will go into on another day.

How To Tune Into Your Higher Self.

How To Tune Into Your Higher Self.


Can Anyone Channel?

Being a channel is simply being the receptacle to listen to messages. You listen to messages all day long regarding advertising. So yes in my view anyone can learn to receive messages.

However, not everyone can see, hear or feel messages in the same way. The word clairvoyant means clear sight people who are visual in their day-to-day lives often find this the way to receive. I am not a visual person and I have only ever seen something a few times. Mostly I find the visuals for me are swirly colours and they are a distraction they are my ego getting in the way.

Connecting with your higher self.

You are not disconnected from your higher self is your higher self is part of you. If you like the higher self is the you, without emotions and thoughts. It taught more about this in the article about letting go

What is Channeling?

Simply put, channeling is a form of communication between nonphysical entities. These entities could be animals, pets, your higher self, angelic beings et cetera. The person you are channeling doesn’t have to have passed they can be very much alive. You can receive messages from your higher self.

Some people use the word channeling in the same context as being a medium. I in my experience tend to differentiate. Again in my experience mediums are people who can speak to the spirits of the recently passed.

Can anyone channel?

Being a channel is simply being the receptacle to listen to messages. You listen to messages all day long regarding advertising. So yes in my view anyone can learn to receive messages.

Everyone Channels individually

However, not everyone can see, hear or feel messages in the same way. The word clairvoyant means clear sight people who are visual in their day-to-day lives often find this the way to receive. I am not a visual person and I have only ever seen something a few times. Mostly I find the visuals for me are swirly colours and they are a distraction they are my ego getting in the way.

Clairaudience it is when you hear clearly. I had this ability when I was younger and for various reasons some of which I’m aware of and some of which I am not I shut down this ability. At the present time I am working towards becoming more clairaudient. People who have very clear hearing tend to find this easier.

Clairsentience is when you feel something. This is the type of understanding I have. It is a very clear feeling, sometimes expressed as messages. Very often I don’t know where those messages come from. I think can kinaesthetic find it easier to be clairsentient.

We live in a multi dimensional universe. I believe we have more than one existence going on concurrently in that universe at any one time.

This is a relatively new thought to me. I used to be obsessed with time. Rather strangely for someone who has never in 60 odd years one watch. I was obsessed with not having enough time to do what I wanted to do.

I now look at “time”, in a completely different way. The subject of past lives is quite controversial to some. I now think that the concept of past lives is irrelevant as all lifetimes are occurring simultaneously in dimensions and what we call time. In a sense that means we are living parallel lives rather than past lives.

I happened to mention this recently to Pamela Aaralyn. We were talking about my husband being my dominant spirit guide which apparently is quite unusual as they are usually part of ourselves. I wasn’t that surprised to learn that he was as I manifested a life where he would be. So it does appear that I actually may well be living a life somewhere with him at this present time. Which is strangely comforting and not surprisingly I can still communicate with him.

For a lot of people a lot easier to learn to channel and listen to your inner self rather than external forces. Maybe this is for the simple reason that a lot of people are more likely to believe in a higher self than messages from spirits.

Are there any rules about channelling. I actually think the most important thing is to learn how to meditate from the heart. Opening your heart and looking at the universe with unconditional love is the first step in the process. Everything good comes from love.

Do you have to close your eyes when you channel. Not necessarily however a lot of people including me find the outside world distracting when you’re trying to channel. So I often shut my eyes. I personally am not visual so I find sometimes the visual swirls of colour distracting because I know it’s my ego getting involved.

The question a lot of people ask when starting is can you channel when you are lying down. I can for sure, but if I do it last thing at night it is very possible that I will fall asleep. I personally don’t worry about that too much because I feel that I will absorb what I need to absorb whilst I sleep.

I have meditated every morning and every night for years unless of course there was a life changing reason why I couldn’t. I have meditated on aeroplanes when the journey has been over 12 hours. Not necessarily super successfully but it’s all a question of practice.

You can channel in a position you feel comfortable in. Some people say you have to have your feet on the floor to feel the energies come through the earth. Personally, I’m very much against rituals. They limit your power and may limit your ability.

It’s up to you to decide which position you are comfortable in. I know a lot of very successful healers and channelers who manage to do this sitting on a table with their legs crossed. Find a position which is comfortable for you.

I find what works for me is maintaining a high level of vibration. I try and generally succeed to surround myself only with positive people which keeps my own vibration high. What I don’t want is events and people draining my energy with drama.

I also find that maintaining what I call a clear clean diet helps. I try and eat a lot of raw food. I find it very difficult to maintain a vegan diet simply because I don’t plan it well enough. So I have to resort to a cheese omelette when I have eaten all day and I’m hungry.

Plenty of fruit and vegetables does seem to help most people to be better channelers. However everyone is different and this is something you have to work out for yourself. I can eat both wheat and gluten where other people find it difficult to channel with wheat and gluten in their diet.

One rule that seems to work for everybody is to drink plenty of water. We are born we are over 70% water and when we die we are far less than 50%. Water is a conductive and it conducts all energies. Both channelling the meditating of very dehydrating so top up your water content.

Don’t forget to ask your higher self for guidance. Ask for help. I love the process of wonder. I wonder what it will feel like today to be able to listen to my higher self. I wonder what gems of wisdom I will learn today? You get the picture.

Tuning into your Higher Self

Tuning into your Higher Self

Everything is energy

Everything in my world is energy everything is made up of energy. Your higher self has nothing to do with your physical body and you are so much more than your physical body.

Many people define the higher self quite differently some people think of it as your soul. I can’t say that I do, probably because I trained as a psychologist.

Freud thought there was the subconscious mind and the conscious mind. I believe he was right. Not all psychologists accept this but I feel that the body controls and corrects many things without conscious thought.

For instance, we don’t need to think about regulating body temperature. We don’t need to remember consciously think to make our heart pump. Many things happen without our conscious thought.

For instance, we don’t need to think about regulating body temperature. We don’t need to remember consciously think to make our heart pump. Many things happen without our conscious thought.

Our conscious minds are the things we are consciously aware of. Your higher self to me is your superconscious. It is the part of you which has known you since the beginning of time! It is the part of you that can guide you to greater things.

Connecting with your higher self, is to some extent an oxymoron. You are not separate or distinct from it at any point. Your higher self is a part of you. It is your energetic consciousness. It does not need the body to survive.

Different people listen to their higher self to different degrees. When you get those flashes of insight that seem to make everything clearer this is your higher self banging on the door of your consciousness, forcing you to listen.

Some people, communicate with their higher self in dreams. I am sure to some extent we all do, unfortunately, I never remember my dreams. That is unless they are full-blown nightmares in which case I wake up with my heart thumping.


Wow Where Did That Come From?

Sometimes you receive a strong imperative command. In the 80s I was in madras in southern India. I was getting on an aeroplane. As I climbed the steps I heard a voice telling me to get off the plane.

I have no idea whether this feeling came from or why but I decided to trust it. I told my husband Leo I wanted to get off the plane and he laughed.

So I went back down steps and walked across the tarmac to the departure lounge (in those days there were no corridors you simply walked across the tarmac!) He followed me into the departure lounge.

I am sure you can imagine some of the ensuing argument. He wanted to know why I had got off when all our belongings were on the plane. At the time we had been travelling round the world for about 2 1/2 years and had no home.

Eventually in exasperation he said, something like

“Give me one good reason why you won’t get on the aeroplane?”.



At the time the plane was taxiing along the runway. He had his back to that so he couldn’t see the plane had already left. The plane took off and landed splat back on the tarmac.

As you can imagine it made quite a racket! He looked around and said to me

“Are you a witch?”

I replied, no I wasn’t. I had no idea why I had the idea to get off the plane or why I thought it was so important. I have no premonition of disaster, I had no premonition of anything, either good or bad.

I then suggested that we casually walk over to the aeroplane. He asked why and being the ever practical one I replied

Because if we stand here arguing then we have to pay for our own flight the next time. If we get back out there and look as though we were actually sitting on the plane then they will have to pay for the flight for us”.


I have listened to my intuition many times in my life, but I have never had such a strong feeling as on that day.

Recently I have decided to consciously improve my communication with my higher self. To get back to the mechanics of this some people do it by meditation. Some people do it by channelling. Channelling is merely receiving communication from something not physical. This could be a pet, an animal, your shamanic animal, someone who has passed over or someone who is very much alive.

I tend to do it by meditation from the heart centre. I don’t meditate through the chakras as most people do but from the heart. This is because I believe that everything good in life comes from unconditional love.

Some people imagine themselves in a place that is comfortable. They talk to their higher self as though it were a real entity, which it is.

You may question the answers that you get. Usually because I am a clairsentient I usually just feel the answer, it is a sensation.

The question is you need to be sure you are actually talking to your higher self. Generally, when I first started I confirmed I was speaking to my higher self by muscle testing. Nowadays, I have no need to do this because I can feel the energy and differentiate from other energetic beings.

If you get an answer which you feel comes from fear, shame, grief or any other negative energy, then you are not speaking to your higher self. Your higher self will always give you a feeling of expansion and lightness.

If you’re feeling the negative energies then you are speaking to your ego. Your ego is part of your subconscious, it loves comfort it hates change. On the surface of your ego is there to protect you, but it will prevent you from growing simply because it does hate change.

You don’t have to make such a big thing about asking to speak to your higher consciousness. Just ask! There’s no drama in the connection, or ritual. The more drama you make out of the request the more likely it is you will speak to your ego. It’s not in your ego’s interest to let you speak to your higher self. It can’t stop you but it can distract you with a million thoughts which stops you connecting.

As I say I feel things. Some people see things I tend to find visuals distracting and I generally think they come from the ego. I am so busy looking at beautiful colour swirling I forget the purpose of meditating. However, other people see things much more clearly. They are called clairvoyant which means they see clearly. You are more likely to be clairvoyant if you are visual in life.

I am a true kinaesthetic and I have to feel things to understand things which is probably why am clairsentient or I feel things clearly. Fortunately, when something is really right my left foot vibrates. It has a weird ripple underneath it which is kind of fun because it verifies that I know I’m feeling the authentic me.

What Happens When We Hold Negativity in Our Energy Field?

What Happens When We Hold Negativity in Our Energy Field?

What Happens When We Hold Negativity in Our Energy Field?


According to D.r David Hawkins in Power versus Force, every emotion we hold as a scale or level of consciousness.

Every feeling we have comes from millions of thoughts. We attach importance to these thoughts and they carry their own energy. Everything thought or feeling carries either positive or negative energy.

When you meet somebody who is positive they emit an energy which is light, open, considerate, loving, friendly and authentic. Immediately these people uplift us, we want to show them we can be better people.

On the other hand when we meet negative people the energy they emit is dark and dense and depressing. Like an energy vampire they suck our energy from us immediately.


The Scale of Consciousness Simplified


The scale of consciousness is measured by muscle testing. The science behind muscle testing means the muscle will always go weak when something will weaken it. Something is good for you it will remain strong.

The scale of consciousness is something that you feel. It is the emotions that you feel. The principle is that like will be attracted to like.

If you feel shame and guilt to emotions which are at the bottom end of the scale of consciousness, you will attract people who are guilty and full of shame.

Every level of consciousness is calibrated from the level of zero through to 1000. The level of 1000 is the level of enlightenment and it has been attained by the Lord Buddha, the Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Krishna. The lower levels of the levels that are barely existing they include shame and guilt.

Everything is Energy

Because everything is energy we sense those energies and other people but before we can do that we send out energies to the universe and bring back the same.

The tipping point calibrates a 200. This is the level of courage and it is the critical point you have to reach to make that shift towards positive energy.

The levels below 200 give out negative stimuli. Once you reach the level of courage people will begin to seek you out they will be drawn towards you like a moth to a flame.

We emanate goodwill and others consents that we empower them because we have power from within. People below 200 force energy from us and it is a negative force. True power can only come from within worries force is always an external influence.

The energy of courage says I am super productive, independent, I can think for myself and anything is possible.

Anyone who has reached the level of courage doesn’t have to “show other people!”, Other people can already see.

In a sense it’s why some people don’t get the law of attraction. And I have to say I was one of those people for a long time. I understood it unknown intellectual level but equally I also understood that you can think about having £1 million till the end of time (let’s just assume that this argument that time exists). It’s not gonna make it happen!


Raising My  level of Consciousness

The fastest way that you can move from the bottom to the top is by telling the truth to yourself. By becoming your authentic self by understanding your authentic self. As I have acknowledged my negative emotions I have become freer. I have noticed that as my consciousness has been raised so has my intuition and my spiritual awareness.

Some might say I have woken up! The greatest advantage to me is that I’m working towards a non-judgemental state. I can’t say that the journey has been a linear journey at all. But then, very little in life is truly linear. I have on occasions taken five steps forward in 15 steps back.

Just over a year ago my husband passed over. Despite the fact that I have no concrete proof that he has become a non-conscious entity it didn’t mean I have missed him. He didn’t mean that at some points I have been devastated by grief.

The differences I haven’t tried to suppress or repress the feeling of guilt. I won’t say it has definitely run its course. Grief has its own timetable and I have no doubt that at some point it will be able to bite me in the bottom again.

Letting go grief was a process and in part I had to let it go in bits and pieces. As a whole was too overwhelming to let it go in one go. Also, it was a necessary process. Now I am at a point I understand I have created my own reality. I have created a reality when my husband is now my dominant spirit guide. How long that remains for I have no idea but at the moment I need it now.

Fragments of grief will re-emerge but each fragment can be handled as it arises. Meeting Pamela Aaralyn was a huge turning point for me. She put in my I head the idea that I can just wonder. I wonder what it would be like to let go of the guilt surrounding Leo’s death. On an intellectual level his passing was his journey and not mine. I did have a level of intervention in it but at the end of the day he had to release a level of guilt which he couldn’t. That journey wasn’t mine and there was no point in me being guilty about it because it wasn’t my journey.