Born Free

“Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains”
Jean Jacques Rousseau

My freedom can never be the same as your freedom. But the essence of freedom is a universal truth. If you can live free, then you can learn to experience life fully.

Freedom is full of surprises. Laughter bubbles up inside of you spontaneously and for absolutely no reason. You can dare to say what you think and what you feel honestly. At the same time, you are not afraid of listening to other people who think differently.

Listening to the views of people who think differently from yourself doesn’t threaten your security. This is because you are secure enough and authentic enough to know what your own core beliefs are and you stick with them.

One thing that freedom has brought for me is the fact that I can live in the universe and trust in myself, even though I may not understand either.

I don’t have to conform to other people’s rules. Security in myself allows me to make my own rules. The power to live free has freed me from the addiction of alcohol. Also as I continue my spiritual journey, it has become more important what I eat.


Eating Clean Is a Liberating Experience


For the last month or so I have transferred my diet to raw food. Most days I eat hundred percent raw. Yesterday, it was freezing, and I felt the need for hot food. I had the usual raw breakfast, raw lunch and a huge raw salad for dinner. I also had a three egg mushroom omelet.

Still it was clean food and also avoiding carbohydrates except those found in fruit and veg. I no longer eat potatoes, pasta, bread, rice. This cleaner food has improved my spiritual connection. I have also made every day some alkaline water. I add fresh organic lemons and lime to tap water which has been boiled and cooled. Then I add 1/2 an organic cucumber peeled and handfuls of fresh herbs. Any soft herb will work well.

Liberation does give you more challenges. That might seem a bit of double edge sword. Greater synchronicity is an advantage, and it makes it easier to follow your path and your life’s purpose. Without this knowledge from synchronicity, it is all so easy to follow your shadow life. On the other hand, there are more challenges because you want to achieve. My eyes are now open opened to what I can achieve what I want to achieve. I have now to overcome the challenges to make this a reality.


The Choices


The choices that I have made towards freedom of thought have resulted in personal growth. A conscious effort towards expanding our outlook on life requires a clear conception of who we are and what we want.

Some people understand personal growth as more time to pursue their own interests and live life as they see fit. Fortunately, I have done that all my life so that was not my challenge.

I wanted to understand myself better. It was important to me to be authentic to my true self and find out my core values.

I also wanted to expand my consciousness. I wanted to be a channel for higher energies. I also wanted to understand more fully my life’s purpose. To do that I had to connect with myself.

When I was ready to do these things it was strange how easy it was to do. It was hard to believe how fear and complacency could hold me back for so long.

In the end, my desire to prove I had a new identity as a widow, rather than a wife drove me forward. I wanted to contribute something of value to other people.

Appreciation and Joy

Living free has given me a sense that I can give things away and appreciate things. A few days ago I was walking home with a bunch of flowers. It wasn’t a large bunch. It was for a small arrangement. The colors were magnificent a deep red. A little girl of about eight stopped me and said: “your flowers are beautiful.” I asked if she really thought so and she said yes. So, I gave them to her.

She looked delighted, but her mother looked embarrassed. She said to me that the child didn’t mean she wanted them. I laughed and said, “that doesn’t mean she can’t have them.”

I knew that by the very act of giving I would have more things given to me. It’s an acknowledgment that the universe will provide everything I need in life. A random act of kindness gave me great joy.

Learning to live free is starting to give me more balance in my life. It has increased synchronicity so that I know what I want to do. Eventually it will in time give me more confidence, happiness, and success.

It will also give me some conflict. I know that when those adverse situations occur, I will have to make a choice. I will have to decide whether to go along on my chosen path or whether to reassess the situation. Either way, I am in control. It is my choice when I decide to do.

The Driving Forces

What drives me to do this is the fact that since being widowed I have become very insular. I am sure that this is a normal part of grieving. However, in my case, it has meant days if not weeks isolated and alone. I haven’t minded this at all! In fact, I’ve enjoyed it, but eventually, my outward circumstances must change.

Tomorrow I will discuss how to define your core values so that you can change the way you think and learn to live freely. It will be a challenge, but you will find it in the long term highly rewarding. You will find peace and contentment that you hadn’t realized was missing from your life.