The Meridians and Health

The Meridians and Health

The Meridians

The Basis of Energy Healing

In applied kinesiology, there are 14 principal meridians.Because the two midline meridians are on the trunk of the body they are the Governing and Central vessel. There are 12 bilateral meridians each with their own acupuncture points.

The major meridians are skin deep over the trunk limbs and head. They are called bilateral because they run down both sides of the body like a mirror image.

Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine says that the chi, Qi, or the vital life energy enters the body through the lung Meridian. From here it is distributed to the body according to the horary cycle, this is 12 times a two hour period. The meridians are named after a physical organ, and they function optimally during the two-hour cycle. The meridians and organs which share a name related to the same bodily function.

For instance, a primary function of the kidneys is to filter the blood to maintain the correct biochemical balance within the body. The kidney Meridian affects the ability of every cell to maintain its optimal biochemical balance.

The width of each Meridian has a diameter of a single self according to Dr. Richard Gerber in vibrational medicine. The meridians are electromagnetic in nature, and they are vulnerable to disturbance by both electromagnetic and mechanical forces.

There are eight extra meridians which are not bilateral, but these are not used in health kinesiology because they don’t have any acupoints of their own.

The Central Vessel/Governing Vessel

The governing vessel runs up the middle of the back, and it is the only yang Meridian that flows of the body. The conception or Central vessel runs up the midline of the front of the body. Both of these vessels have their own acupoints. They have a close relationship with malfunctions of the mind and brain.

The Meridians


Traditional Chinese medicine has a three-point view of life. The energizing yang force streams down from above, and this is called Heaven. The earth is representative of the material world below. There is also mankind. Man is supposed to be the balancing and integrating factor between Heaven and Earth.

The traditional Yin/Yang symbol depicts the harmony of the perfect masculine and feminine balance. This symbol is rooted in the Taoist religion from China. The dark out to swirls is associated with shadows and waves, the mysteries of life. The black and white together represent the duality of the universe.

The duality of life and death means that every aspect of life comprises an interaction competing in opposing forces. These two forces are actually balanced, they do not cancel each other out or compete with each other. On the contrary, they are complementary.

It’s difficult to understand most concepts in life without looking at both of these forces. It’s impossible to comprehend light until you know the concept of darkness.

This is one reason I have an issue with the word lightworkers. Some people define this is people who only see the light. In my world, you need to look at the dark and understand dark to be able to comprehend light fully.

Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides.

-Lao Tzu



This aspect of needing to understand both sides of the coin is one of the reasons why we are so frightened of death. We can understand what it feels to be alive because it is something we are aware of. We have long forgotten what it’s like to be dead and because we don’t understand death and what it means we fear it. Fearing death is one of the most frightening terrors most people have. The yin and the yang are two expressions of two different forces. There are qualifying nouns you need to have one to understand the other.

At the 14 meridians, seven are traditionally associated with yang and seven with Yin.

The Chinese Five Elements

The Meridians

The 12 major meridians are grouped in pairs with one young and one young Meridian in each pair. These are what is known as coupled meridians. The five elements are fire, earth, metal, water, and wood.

The element of fire covers the triple warmer, circulation, sex, small and testing and heart. This includes the stomach and spleen. Metal is the large intestine and lung. Walter is the bladder and kidney. And wood is the gallbladder and liver.

Although there are many ways that the center connects the two most important ones are connected with the Sheng and Ko cycle. This is the cycle of creation and control.

The Sheng cycle which is illustrated by mother and son relationship. It is creative and nourishing. On the other hand, the Ko cycle is the grandmother-grandson relationship which is controlling and destructive.

In the Sheng cycle, the fire element strengthens the earth, and the metal element is nourished by this earth. It brings forth creativity.

In the Ko cycle, there is much more force it represents the power of fire X the power of metal X the power of wood X the power of Earth X the power of water X the power of fire. The grandmother dominates the earth, and the metal is the grandson controlled by the earth.

The Beginning of Disease

Disease comes from an imbalance, an excess or deficiency Qi for life’s energy. Each channel has five individual points and these transfer Qi. The five-phase cycle is another aspect that illustrates nothing in life is absolute. Everything is changing, and everything is dependent upon change.

If you are sitting and watching a wood burning fire initially, it may be a source of light and heat energy. The same fire contains living organic matter – wood. As it burns, it creates ash or earth. It leaves behind the mineral residue of metal and hydrogen which is oxidized to water. So fire contains all the elements within it. The final element water nourishes a new tree. The cycle has no end, so it represents the Sheng cycle.

This dynamic cycle is a visual representation of the rhythm of life and death. The Ko cycle must be restrained because if it is not the subdued disease will develop. Without Sheng which represents nourishment that would be no growth and development and without KO which is controlled excessive development will happen unchecked.

The Chakras Beneath Our feet

The Chakras Beneath Our feet

The Chakras Beneath Our Feet

The lower chakras are beneath our feet, and they correspond to the chakras above our head.

The earth center chakra. Also known as the Earth Star

There is a connection between the earth star in the physical earth and “all that is.” The chakra is about a foot underneath your feet. It holds the Key to our vast potential.
The two chakras are said to work in harmony to bring a balance to the divine feminine and masculine energies of Ying and Yang energies. These chakras are supposed to balance your material and spiritual needs. He creates a deep connection with the spirit and rhythm of mother earth and Gaia energies.

The light, frequency, and energy to bring in all this healing comes from the heart center. Everything we do comes from love by opening the heart center we heal ourselves. From that love, we cannot break the connection to the divine source. We already connected to the collective consciousness of humanity and that connection remains open when your heart center is open.

However, these lowest chakras have a residence with grounding, and even if you open your heart center, you still need to ground yourself. This process is called earthing in the USA. We all need to ground ourselves, or we feel spaced out. Another side effect of not being grounded is feeling is that we not connected to our human bodies.

The Earth Light chakra – Connected to the Higher Mental Chakra

Supposedly, this chakra activates dormant gifts. Suddenly, you have a sentient knowledge you didn’t possess before.

Suddenly you can see the big picture when these two chakras are open. You have access to innate knowledge. You can look down with a deep love and compassion.

These two together will widen your ability to understand and connect with the universe.

The Inner Earth Chakra Connected to the Buddhic Chakra

This inner earth chakra connects you to the house of the middle earth and also connects you to your cosmic heart. When these two Chakras are working in conjunction with each other, it’s possible to connect to your Sacred Heart. The Sacred Heart is not the same thing as your physical heart. It is the beginning of the process of awakening of Christ consciousness.

Again I must reiterate that this is all done through your heart center and the chakras are irrelevant.

The Intelligent Earth Chakra connected to the Atmic chakra.

This Chakra has connections the physical earth, and it holds the seeds of all knowledge. When the chakras are both open, you have an understanding of your divine purpose. The two working conjunction will allow you to manifest in the physical form what you agreed to do in this life before you were born.

Once your heart center is open, and you connected the divine you can be aware of your real purpose and begin to live on point. Any information you receive through your Chakras will only allow you to live a shadow life.

Earth Core Chakra connected to the Monad Chakra

Only fully enlightened human beings can open these two chakras in conjunction. That means the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord Buddha, and Lord Shiva.
Dr. David Hawkins and levels of consciousness have recorded this level of enlightenment. We cannot become enlightened because in our pure form we are already fully enlightened. Unfortunately, many of us have become so programmed and disconnected from the Soul and from source. Because of this distance, we have forgotten who we truly are and who we can be.

The first step to being enlightened in understanding what we were born to do is to have a soul blockage clearance. This will begin the work to open your heart center which is the true entrance to Solon source. Everything that we know is good comes from unconditional love, and all unconditional love is pure love. This pure Love comes from an open heart center. Where else can come from the heart?

Your Truth

The heart will always tell you what is authentic, and what is right. Anything else is a nonsense. I am aware that this very much goes against mainstream knowledge. This does not the fact that the world is changing very fast in our energies are vibrating at a higher level.

Everything in this life and it is energy and as we raise our energy, we raise our self-awareness as well. We become more powerful with our own personal knowledge which comes from our soul. It doesn’t come from a programmed low vibrational energy which is trying to control us.

One of the things about being free from this detrimental programming is the fact that I don’t get sucked into petty dramas anymore.I am not feeding these low vibrational energies.

Once the chakras are removed, they have nothing to hold onto. The overlay is gone. This doesn’t mean that I don’t need for the healing. Every day morning and evening I heal myself. I open my heart center and feel the love and energy from source and connect to my divine purpose and heal.

The soul blockage clearance was the start of my journey. I know that every day I become more connected. My heart center is naturally open for most of the time now. I don’t have to open it consciously. I feel a deep sense of joy in connection with all living things. I am certain I would not have been able to create this sense of wonder all the time, if I still have my Chakras.I am beginning to understand my energy system and how it interacts not on a logical level, but at a sentient level.

All our thoughts and emotions and ideas simply energetic frequencies vibrating at different levels. The higher your thoughts the higher the energy they vibrate at.

Feeling guilty, being petty, judging others are all negative thoughts on all of them lower your vibration. The closer I have got to source the more blissful my life gets!

Interestingly, last week I was in London in a crystal shop. The lady behind the counter told me she was a clairvoyant and she told me my chakras looked strange. She told me they were very visible from the front couldn’t be seen from the back. What nonsense this is, maybe what she could see with the energy centers underneath. She was confused because they didn’t look like the chakra system and they don’t spin.

Five Top Level Higher Chakras

Five Top Level Higher Chakras

Five Top Level Higher Chakras

The seven chakras on the physical plane are not the only chakras. However, they are the sole chakras on the physical body. There are Five Top Level  higher chakras.Yesterday we discussed the seven bodily chakras beginning at the base of your spine in the root chakra, moving up along the spinal cord to the top of your head. The seven chakras on the physical plane determine how you look at your world and how you interact with people.

The chakra system as most people understands it is rather like a tree. The physical body physical body is the actual tree, and the tree has roots. The roots of the grounding earth chakras connected to the planet. The higher branches go upwards to the top chakras.

The higher or top chakras

Folklore says of the high chakras that they connected to the universe. My understanding is that by being fully connected to the source through the heart center, you will integrate all the knowledge you need. This knowledge will deepen into a full understanding of your life’s purpose. Knowledge and integration of your inner child. As well as a piece of knowledge regarding your real purpose and meaning within the universe rather than living a shadow life.

Supposedly the high chakras contain the best parts of yourself. That is they provide the knowledge that you came to this earth to manifest and learn from.

The Soul Center Chakra – the eighth chakra

The soul center chakra is the third chakra situated above the crown chakra. This chakra is said to hold your karmic history. This history means it holds and retains any experiences and behavior patterns that you have learned through your past life experiences. It is also supposed to be the center of spiritual compassion and divine love.

Popular thought hopes that once the chakra opens, then you will have a connection to the universe and widen your spiritual awareness. It opens the possibilities to grand ideas, concepts and abilities. It holds the clue to spiritual wisdom and perception as well as antibody projections.

The soul Center chakra is said to be the gateway to your self and your soul. Once opened, you may let go of things which no longer serve you in this lifetime. It holds any obsolete ideas that you have from past lives as well as the patterns of behavior which held you back and restrict you.

I believe that it is the function of the soul Center chakra view to think that you have this connection to your soul. The heart center is the only place o make this connection. The chakras don’t hold the key to this knowledge. The first step is having a blockage clearance completed and then have regular energy healing. Better still, you can study cosmic heart healing yourself and learn how to heal yourself. All healing and all change take place when you have treated yourself. The change works outwards. It is not possible to change other people first.

The higher mental chakra – the ninth chakra

The higher mental chakra holds the karmic blueprint of the thoughts and ideas and skills from past lifetimes. It is supposed to be the knowledge center of the soul.

There are thought to be three different blueprints.

We can all fit into any of these categories if not all of them. Mainstream philosophical thought teaches that one of them will be prevalent in this lifetime and this will dictate the experiences you have.

The teacher blueprint is a soul much more advanced than the creator or healer. They have had more lifetimes, and they have gone on to teach. Mainstream knowledge says that this is the chapter you need to access to open all your past experiences and to bring them into one lesson in this lifetime

True knowledge and wisdom can only come from the heart center.

The Buddha chakra – the 10th chakra

Again mainstream philosophy purports when the Buddha chakra is open it works like a gateway. It allows us to access and utilize and integrate all the skills from our previous lives in existences.

This, of course, is a massive advantage it means that whenever we start a project success is virtually guaranteed. Many people believe that this is because the barriers between knowledge and wisdom are breaking down on this hidden knowledge is being passed down. So this chakra is connected to the synchronicity of life, the connection between the divine. It is also a defined chakra balance because all of your male and female attributes are balanced out to have a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy.

While I believe that the synchronicity and integration are indeed possible, I also think this can only come from the heart center.blessings of gratitude part 3

The Atmic Chakra the 11th Chakra

The “I am presence” and the monadic self, join together in this chakra. It means that the individual can stop to connect with advanced spiritual skills. It purports to prepare for the next stage when the monad chakra opens. When the chakras open the limits between time and space and matter are not there. There is an awareness of the spiritual lifetimes going on concurrently, and it is possible to glimpse of the dimensions.

The Monad Chakra – 12th Chakra

This monad chakra is the ultimate chakra, and it only opens when you also can be integrated into the ” I am presence.”

All karmic debts need to be released and healed before the chakra can open. This is because mainstream philosophy teaches that these energies are too high for our physical bodies.

The results of my Own Energy Healing

My soul clearing work leads me to believe that this is not the case. David Hawkins in levels of consciousness has measured this monad chakra.

Once you’ve had a soul blockage clearance and begun to heal your past programming, old traumas from past lives are released naturally. The negative energies from these traumas have been sent back to source to become unconditional love.

I believe that we have existed since the beginning of time and have had many lives both on this planet and others and in many dimensions. It is infinitely possible that we can connect to the thoughts love and energy of these lives, but not through the chakras.

The chakras only connect to low vibrational energies which themselves need clearing by having soul blockage work done.

7 Chakras – the body chakras

7 Chakras – the body chakras

7 Chakras

As many of you know, I do not agree with the conventional wisdom regarding 7 chakras, or indeed any chakras. I have been with friends as they channeled the knowledge that the chakras awaken our spirituality.

As to what I really think about the chakras will wait for another post. Suffice to say for now is that I believe that they are an energy overlay. They cover and obscure the truth about our real energy centers underneath. They are also the method the lower vibrational energies use to program us.

This manipulation is one of the reasons why people always need to have the chakras rebalanced and created. For now, let’s just say if you have chakras it is better to keep the chakras open rather than to have them closed.

7 Chakras On the Physical Plane

The base chakra – the root chakra – chakra one.

The energy center for this chakra is at the base of the spine on the coccyx. Our instinct for survival is alleged to be seated this physical area. It allows us to appreciate ourselves and a sense of preservation and it supports our vitality and energy. In kundalini yoga, this is where the coiled serpent of the energy arises from. It is also supposed to be the center which is our connection to the earth plane. It is this chakra that is most often associated grounding as it connects us to the physical world. The qualities surrounding the chakra are the feeling of being at home in your own skin. Our sense of security comes from this region because this is where we are connected to the earth and our understanding of belonging. It is about survival family or the ability to be able to protect both yourself and those you love.7 chakras

The second chakra – the sacral chakra

The energy center for the sacral chakra is just beneath our navel or tummy button. The center is said to be The root of our sexual identity and sexual emotions. It is the area where desire and creativity of bone because it is supposed to stimulate the creative life force. This force is supposed to be a prerequisite for living on earth. Its physical qualities are about sex, how we think about our sexuality and how we honor our sexuality. It is also about innocence, ethics and our self-control.

THE Third  Chakra – the Solar Plexus Chakra.

The solar plexus area is halfway between the low breast line and the navel. The words “gut feeling” come from this area because this is where our sense of touch or feeling comes from. These feelings first come from the etheric body and enter the physical playing here. The solar plexus is the area said to be the center of personal power, ambition, drive, desire, and emotion. Because of its position in the center of the body, it is our point of reference. It is a place we can supposedly come to peace and stillness. As you know, I believe that this can only be reached through the heart center. Physically it is associated with self-esteem, self-respect our confidence in whether or not we care for ourselves and others. It is the area of the take responsibility for our decisions whether good or bad or the area we feel most sensitive to criticism. It is also our connectedness with trust bravery and strength.

The fourth chakra – the heart chakra

Located in the middle of the chest this is the center of old human love and compassion. It is the area we connect to everything physically around us. It also inspires our connection to the divine and reinforces our relationship to the universe and everything in it. A blocked heart chakra will remain a heart center is also blocked. When this occurs, we have severed our connection to the soul and source. The qualities associated with this are all about love. It is the area of hope, faith, compassion for everything and everyone. It is also an area where we learn to forgive and commit ourselves to serve others.

The fifth chakra – the throat chakra.

This energy center is just above the collarbone in the middle of the neck. Because of its proximity to the throat it is considered to be the center of all communication and expression. This level of interaction is not merely verbal. It also associated with how we reinforce our communication with body language and also controls telepathic contact. When we fail to realize our purpose, we can begin to start to stutter or have other forms of speech impediment. It may also result in an overactive or underactive thyroid. The physical qualities associated with the chakras of the choices we make about how personal expression. Whether or not we follow our own dream. The heart center is the opening of our connection source and everything we choose to do. It gives us complete confidence when we are living on point. It’s about the ability to create your own dream and have the strength of will to act on it.

The sixth chakra – the third eye chakra

This chakra is in the center of the forehead between the eyebrow and the brow. It is supposed to be the center of our intuition and intellect. It is supposedly the area where intelligence and creativity combine to create a spark. This spark manifests itself as own unique light and personal magnetism. Not surprisingly the physical qualities surround our intellectual capacity. It’s about honesty, integrity, and truth. It governs how adequate we feel and how open we continue ideas and also ideals. It is about learning from our experience in using our intelligence to Creighton forged new paths.

The seventh chakra – The crown chakra

This chakra is located at the top of our head end is the area most associated with enlightenment. It supposedly facilitates the communication from the cosmos of the universe to your soul. An ability since it is the source of all knowledge. When we lose our illusions regarding our world and the universe we can overcome our ego. Our ideals are authentic because we have left behind detrimental grasping of material things. We are in balance with our the physical world and our spiritual world. Once you can detach yourself from judgment either about the world or your emotions, you can begin to experience a genuine, authentic self-awareness. This awareness is not necessarily a truth. I believe this area connects you to the fourth dimension which is the dimension where all programming and patenting comes from lower entities to make you think that you have a connection to the universe. The matrix has you plugged in like a puppet. In the matrix, it is easier for lower entities to program you and make you react to create negative energies. This connectivity is essential because they feed on this negative energy on the account survive without it. Any connection to the source can only happen through the area of love in the heart center. It is the only place we can start to feel pure unconditional love. Devotion is one of the qualities attached to the crown chakra. Devotion is a lower entity concept. As we all co-creators with the divine there is no need for us to have any devotional or religious feelings towards the divine. We are the divine. Devotion is a way that lower entities can suck our energies. Other physical qualities of courage, selflessness, and inspiration. These are the seven chakras on our physical playing tomorrow we will discuss the chakras below the earth and above the head.

Chakras, Glands and Organs -The connection

Chakras, Glands and Organs -The connection

The glands: the physical energy center of the body.

The chakras glands and organs are intimately connected, and the workings of one will affect the others.
Yesterday we discussed the importance of the pineal gland. The glands secrete hormones that control and regulate digestion, metabolism, growth, circulation, and reproduction. Collectively the hormonal system is called the adrenal system. When it’s functioning and proper balance you are filled with a sense of energy, vitality, and well-being.
It is not immediately obvious the connection between the chakras and the glands because you rarely see them represented on the same physical chart. It is only by comparing Eastern and Western in conjunction that you know the connection. Alice Bailey was an author about esoteric healing in the 30s, and she was one of the first people to understand the relationship.

Most energy healing work starts with the nervous system, and this has a direct association with both organs and glands. To have a healthy energy system, it is essential all your organs and glands work correctly.

There is a connection between the endocrine system, the nervous system, and the chakras. When the organs, chakras, and glands are functioning well your energy levels go, and so does your intuition.

There is a correlation between the chakras and the glands because they lie next to each other. The energy combined is both physical from the glands and metaphysical from the chakras.

The Crown, the Seventh Chakra

The pituitary and pineal glands are in the head. The Pituitary gland is known as the master gland because it has so many regulatory functions for other glands. The seventh or crown chakra oversees the other trunk chakras. The organs that correspond to this area are the spinal cord and the brainstem. The brainstem is the oldest part of the human brain. Physical problems around the crown chakra headaches, lack of sleep, an immune system that doesn’t function properly, and skin rashes.

The Sixth Chakra - The Third Eye

The pineal gland is connected to the sixth chakra because they’re both sensitive to light. The pineal gland secretes melatonin in all animals with a backbone. Melatonin encourages animals to hibernate in the six chakra the brow chakra is associated with light spiritually. The organs that correspond to this of the brain that is the part of the brain above the brainstem and the eyes. Not surprisingly physical problems here are headaches, incorrect vision, and neurological problems.The pineal gland is connected to the sixth chakra because they’re both sensitive to light. The pineal gland secretes melatonin in all animals with a backbone. Melatonin encourages animals to hibernate in the six chakra the brow chakra is associated with light spiritually. The organs that correspond to this of the brain that is the part of the brain above the brainstem and the eyes. Not surprisingly physical problems here are headaches, incorrect vision, and neurological problems.

The Fifth Chakra the throat chakra

The thyroid gland in the neck has associations with the fifth chakra, the throat chakra. The thyroid gland itself is in the neck but there are four small glands behind it, and these are called the parathyroid glands. The hormones regulate growth and development as well as metabolism.
The organ associated with the fifth chakra or throat chakra is all areas of the mouth. This includes both the tongue and esophagus as well as the whole of the respiratory system. Also the vocal cords on the bronchial tubes. If in past lives, you have not been able to speak out for whatever reason, it is very common to have problems in this area. Very often this results in this life in constant sore throats and throat infections. Once you can clear the meridians, it is quite normal for the sore throats to disappear naturally.

The Fourth Chakra, - the Heart Chakra

The corresponding gland to the heart chakra is the thymus. This gland contributes to immune system health, it produces T cells to fight infection. If you tap on your chest just above the thymus gland in an anticlockwise motion, they can help you reduce stress. It has an immediate calming effect on the nervous system. The organs corresponding to the heart chakra the heart and the lungs. The lungs are the place in the body where we tend to hold grief. If that grief is not released, then it can build up to lung diseases. In women, it can result in breast cancer.

The Third Chakra - The Solar Pleaxus Chakra

The pancreas corresponds to the third chakra. The pancreas is a gland that produces insulin which controls the sugar levels in the blood. An insulin imbalance leads to diabetes. The solar plexus chakra has a connection with the large intestine, pancreas, liver, intestines, bladder, stomach and the top of the spine.
Physically this can be connected to bowel and bladder problems as well as ulcers.

The Second Chakra - the Sacral Chakra

The sexual organs also produce hormones which are involved in reproduction. In men, the testes produce testosterone which controls the development of male sexual traits. In women, the ovaries produce estrogen and progesterone which regulate the female reproductive cycle. The sexual organs including the prostate, ovaries, kidneys, gallbladder, spleen, bowel and bladder correspond to the second chakra. Physical disturbances often show up as toxicity in the body and poor digestion.

The First Chakra - The Root Chakra

The adrenal glands are just above the kidneys, and they produce various hormones such as cortisol. Cortisol helps your body respond to stress in the fight or flight response. It regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates or glucose. It controls the blood pressure and also reduces inflammation. The adrenal glands produce cortisol, but the pituitary gland regulates it. The first chakra is known as the root chakra or the base chakra, and the organs are the lower spine on the testes.
Energy disturbances in this area can result in anemia, fatigue, constipation, Sciatic problems, and lower back pain. Quite often there are circulatory problems which result in cold hands or feet.

Chakras, Glands and Organs - A Cohesive System

When you’re glands are functioning optimum performance you have boundless energy. Unhealthy activities such as the poor diet can make the glands work very hard, but proper nutrition can rejuvenate them.
Every food you eat affects the glands, but they are especially affected by oils, salts, and minerals. Use good quality sea salt when cooking. Seaweeds or sea vegetables include kombu, agar flakes, nori, arame, wakame, and Hijiki. Including them in your diet is a great way to add extra minerals.

Eating animals that are being fed antibiotics and hormones also has a terrible effect on your glands. These hormones from animals will build up in the human body. If you must eat chicken and drink milk than the healthiest choice is organic meats and dairy products.

Exercise affects the glands because it stimulates the circulatory system. Some yoga positions stimulate the thyroid gland.

Having healthy glands is a positive, robust system and a healthy system helps to increase your intuition.

The Pineal Gland and Healing

The Pineal Gland and Healing


The location of the pineal gland was one of the last brain organs to be discovered. It is behind cone-shaped, and it secretes the hormone melatonin and also glial cells. The brain has two hemispheres which are only connected fully at the base, just above the neck. Essentially the pineal gland connects the two regions down the length of the brain.

Melatonin is a hormone which controls our Circadian rhythms. The circadian rhythm is the inner clock of your body, which regulates when you feel tired or want to wake up. The endocrine system which includes the pituitary, hypothalamus, thyroid, pineal, adrenals, parathyroid, ovaries/testes, and the pancreas. Some schools of thought believe that is the endocrinal system is a gateway between the physical and the spiritual. Interestingly enough the 17th-century philosopher René Descartes thought that this gland was the center of the human soul.

The pineal gland provides us with security because it prevents us from reaching sexual maturity before it is safe to do so. Melatonin also protects us from Alzheimer’s.

Fluoride and the Pineal Gland

The pineal gland can absorb the lots of fluorides. The World Health Organization suggests that fluoride levels above 1.5 mg/L can cause fluoride deposits in the bones. In the US the normal level of fluoridation is between two and 5 mg/L.

Fluoride accumulates and calcifies on the pineal gland in these deposits build up the old we get. A blocked pineal gland can lead to destruction in our sleep patterns and also to weight gain.

The Link between Karma and Disease

Karma Plays a role in the causation of disease, in other words disease is caused in part by the programming and unresolved conflicts in our past lives.

It is not unusual for an energy healer to have experience of curing phobias especially towards insects by resolving conflict in past lives. I have often being able to get rid of sensations of ants crawling inside my legs.

I believe that if we are not in connection with our higher selves we cannot understand the connectivity between everything in the universe. This results in a feeling of separation and alienation.

Douglas Dean

Our conscious mind, perceive the interconnectedness of all life accessible energetic level. Douglas Dean recorded in the international journey of neuropsychiatry in September 1966 that communications of higher energetic frequency take place constantly at the unconscious level. This means that we telepathically connect with the divine almost constantly. Because this takes place outside of our conscious abilities we rarely realize this connection is taken place. By improving our connection to the divine we can become more aware here.

Karmic influences can also unconsciously interact with subtle energies to energetically crystallize as a precipitation to certain illnesses.

Over a period of time this will impair our vitality. Some flower essences may be helpful in decreasing the negative karmic expression of illness. They help by stabilizing dysfunctional energetic patterns and the subtle energetic bodies. If left unchecked these of normal subtle energy patents will eventually move down to the physical body and create abnormal cellular alterations.

Pineal Gland and Third Eye

Many philosophies associate pineal gland the third eye. An open third eye is supposed to connect to your soul. This is a misconception it happens through the heart center. This energy system is responsible for awakening and balancing the chakras but increases creativity.

In Hindu literature, this activation of the energy chakras, the awakening of a higher level of consciousness is the kundalini. Visually the kundalini is accorded serpent which lies still dormant in the first chakra.

During structured meditation, this energy rises slowly of the spinal cord. When it reaches the crown chakra, some people experience a sensation of bright light in the brain and an expansion of consciousness.

This process utilizes the crystalline circuitry of the body, and the circuit may well be open all the time according to Dean. The subtle bodies act as filters to transmit lessons from our higher selves.

Transmission of Information from the Pineal Gland to the Brain

Information from the pineal gland goes to the right portion of the brain. It is usually then further transmitted in the form of dreams. After the dream, the left side of the brain comes into play. The left side of the brain is the analytic portion, and it will look at the information to see if it can be understood. If it can interpret the signals, they travel through the neurological system along the spinal column. From there the meridians transport it to the rest of the body. It is also the function of energy healing to regulate and correct this process.

You may also explain why we left brain the logical, scientific and reasonable part of the brain dominates during the day. During the night when we are asleep the right brained or creative brain predominates.

We need right brain skills to function in the landscape of dreams. These skills assist the transmission of information from a higher self to our physical personality.

We already know this type of psychic communication occurs almost constantly through the subtle energetic anatomy. The chakras have direct input into the right brain through pathways of the crystalline circuitry which eventually reaches a left brain consciousness.

Unraveling our Dreams

You may also explain why we left brain the logical, scientific and reasonable part of the brain dominates during the day. During the night when we are asleep the right brained or creative brain predominates.

We need right brain skills to function in the landscape of dreams. These skills assist the transmission of information from a higher self to our physical personality.

We already know this type of psychic communication occurs almost constantly there is subtle energetic anatomy. The chakras have direct input into the right brain through pathways of the crystalline circuitry which eventually reaches a left brain consciousness.

Unraveling the symbolism of your dreams can help you decode these messages. This is one of the reasons why lucid dreaming is said to be healing. Dreams are the language of the right brain. The right side of our brain also retains positive and negative life experience which contribute to the complete picture of our body image. The subliminal messages hold a picture of how we value ourselves as people both in our physical appearance and in self-esteem.

This is why Dr. Bach developed flower essences strengthening the natural pathways of energetic flow. They are assistance to correcting dysfunctional emotional patents which are a precursor to illness.