The Meridians and Health

The Meridians and Health

The Meridians

The Basis of Energy Healing

In applied kinesiology, there are 14 principal meridians.Because the two midline meridians are on the trunk of the body they are the Governing and Central vessel. There are 12 bilateral meridians each with their own acupuncture points.

The major meridians are skin deep over the trunk limbs and head. They are called bilateral because they run down both sides of the body like a mirror image.

Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine says that the chi, Qi, or the vital life energy enters the body through the lung Meridian. From here it is distributed to the body according to the horary cycle, this is 12 times a two hour period. The meridians are named after a physical organ, and they function optimally during the two-hour cycle. The meridians and organs which share a name related to the same bodily function.

For instance, a primary function of the kidneys is to filter the blood to maintain the correct biochemical balance within the body. The kidney Meridian affects the ability of every cell to maintain its optimal biochemical balance.

The width of each Meridian has a diameter of a single self according to Dr. Richard Gerber in vibrational medicine. The meridians are electromagnetic in nature, and they are vulnerable to disturbance by both electromagnetic and mechanical forces.

There are eight extra meridians which are not bilateral, but these are not used in health kinesiology because they don’t have any acupoints of their own.

The Central Vessel/Governing Vessel

The governing vessel runs up the middle of the back, and it is the only yang Meridian that flows of the body. The conception or Central vessel runs up the midline of the front of the body. Both of these vessels have their own acupoints. They have a close relationship with malfunctions of the mind and brain.

The Meridians


Traditional Chinese medicine has a three-point view of life. The energizing yang force streams down from above, and this is called Heaven. The earth is representative of the material world below. There is also mankind. Man is supposed to be the balancing and integrating factor between Heaven and Earth.

The traditional Yin/Yang symbol depicts the harmony of the perfect masculine and feminine balance. This symbol is rooted in the Taoist religion from China. The dark out to swirls is associated with shadows and waves, the mysteries of life. The black and white together represent the duality of the universe.

The duality of life and death means that every aspect of life comprises an interaction competing in opposing forces. These two forces are actually balanced, they do not cancel each other out or compete with each other. On the contrary, they are complementary.

It’s difficult to understand most concepts in life without looking at both of these forces. It’s impossible to comprehend light until you know the concept of darkness.

This is one reason I have an issue with the word lightworkers. Some people define this is people who only see the light. In my world, you need to look at the dark and understand dark to be able to comprehend light fully.

Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides.

-Lao Tzu



This aspect of needing to understand both sides of the coin is one of the reasons why we are so frightened of death. We can understand what it feels to be alive because it is something we are aware of. We have long forgotten what it’s like to be dead and because we don’t understand death and what it means we fear it. Fearing death is one of the most frightening terrors most people have. The yin and the yang are two expressions of two different forces. There are qualifying nouns you need to have one to understand the other.

At the 14 meridians, seven are traditionally associated with yang and seven with Yin.

The Chinese Five Elements

The Meridians

The 12 major meridians are grouped in pairs with one young and one young Meridian in each pair. These are what is known as coupled meridians. The five elements are fire, earth, metal, water, and wood.

The element of fire covers the triple warmer, circulation, sex, small and testing and heart. This includes the stomach and spleen. Metal is the large intestine and lung. Walter is the bladder and kidney. And wood is the gallbladder and liver.

Although there are many ways that the center connects the two most important ones are connected with the Sheng and Ko cycle. This is the cycle of creation and control.

The Sheng cycle which is illustrated by mother and son relationship. It is creative and nourishing. On the other hand, the Ko cycle is the grandmother-grandson relationship which is controlling and destructive.

In the Sheng cycle, the fire element strengthens the earth, and the metal element is nourished by this earth. It brings forth creativity.

In the Ko cycle, there is much more force it represents the power of fire X the power of metal X the power of wood X the power of Earth X the power of water X the power of fire. The grandmother dominates the earth, and the metal is the grandson controlled by the earth.

The Beginning of Disease

Disease comes from an imbalance, an excess or deficiency Qi for life’s energy. Each channel has five individual points and these transfer Qi. The five-phase cycle is another aspect that illustrates nothing in life is absolute. Everything is changing, and everything is dependent upon change.

If you are sitting and watching a wood burning fire initially, it may be a source of light and heat energy. The same fire contains living organic matter – wood. As it burns, it creates ash or earth. It leaves behind the mineral residue of metal and hydrogen which is oxidized to water. So fire contains all the elements within it. The final element water nourishes a new tree. The cycle has no end, so it represents the Sheng cycle.

This dynamic cycle is a visual representation of the rhythm of life and death. The Ko cycle must be restrained because if it is not the subdued disease will develop. Without Sheng which represents nourishment that would be no growth and development and without KO which is controlled excessive development will happen unchecked.