Chakras, Glands and Organs -The connection

Chakras, Glands and Organs -The connection

The glands: the physical energy center of the body.

The chakras glands and organs are intimately connected, and the workings of one will affect the others.
Yesterday we discussed the importance of the pineal gland. The glands secrete hormones that control and regulate digestion, metabolism, growth, circulation, and reproduction. Collectively the hormonal system is called the adrenal system. When it’s functioning and proper balance you are filled with a sense of energy, vitality, and well-being.
It is not immediately obvious the connection between the chakras and the glands because you rarely see them represented on the same physical chart. It is only by comparing Eastern and Western in conjunction that you know the connection. Alice Bailey was an author about esoteric healing in the 30s, and she was one of the first people to understand the relationship.

Most energy healing work starts with the nervous system, and this has a direct association with both organs and glands. To have a healthy energy system, it is essential all your organs and glands work correctly.

There is a connection between the endocrine system, the nervous system, and the chakras. When the organs, chakras, and glands are functioning well your energy levels go, and so does your intuition.

There is a correlation between the chakras and the glands because they lie next to each other. The energy combined is both physical from the glands and metaphysical from the chakras.

The Crown, the Seventh Chakra

The pituitary and pineal glands are in the head. The Pituitary gland is known as the master gland because it has so many regulatory functions for other glands. The seventh or crown chakra oversees the other trunk chakras. The organs that correspond to this area are the spinal cord and the brainstem. The brainstem is the oldest part of the human brain. Physical problems around the crown chakra headaches, lack of sleep, an immune system that doesn’t function properly, and skin rashes.

The Sixth Chakra - The Third Eye

The pineal gland is connected to the sixth chakra because they’re both sensitive to light. The pineal gland secretes melatonin in all animals with a backbone. Melatonin encourages animals to hibernate in the six chakra the brow chakra is associated with light spiritually. The organs that correspond to this of the brain that is the part of the brain above the brainstem and the eyes. Not surprisingly physical problems here are headaches, incorrect vision, and neurological problems.The pineal gland is connected to the sixth chakra because they’re both sensitive to light. The pineal gland secretes melatonin in all animals with a backbone. Melatonin encourages animals to hibernate in the six chakra the brow chakra is associated with light spiritually. The organs that correspond to this of the brain that is the part of the brain above the brainstem and the eyes. Not surprisingly physical problems here are headaches, incorrect vision, and neurological problems.

The Fifth Chakra the throat chakra

The thyroid gland in the neck has associations with the fifth chakra, the throat chakra. The thyroid gland itself is in the neck but there are four small glands behind it, and these are called the parathyroid glands. The hormones regulate growth and development as well as metabolism.
The organ associated with the fifth chakra or throat chakra is all areas of the mouth. This includes both the tongue and esophagus as well as the whole of the respiratory system. Also the vocal cords on the bronchial tubes. If in past lives, you have not been able to speak out for whatever reason, it is very common to have problems in this area. Very often this results in this life in constant sore throats and throat infections. Once you can clear the meridians, it is quite normal for the sore throats to disappear naturally.

The Fourth Chakra, - the Heart Chakra

The corresponding gland to the heart chakra is the thymus. This gland contributes to immune system health, it produces T cells to fight infection. If you tap on your chest just above the thymus gland in an anticlockwise motion, they can help you reduce stress. It has an immediate calming effect on the nervous system. The organs corresponding to the heart chakra the heart and the lungs. The lungs are the place in the body where we tend to hold grief. If that grief is not released, then it can build up to lung diseases. In women, it can result in breast cancer.

The Third Chakra - The Solar Pleaxus Chakra

The pancreas corresponds to the third chakra. The pancreas is a gland that produces insulin which controls the sugar levels in the blood. An insulin imbalance leads to diabetes. The solar plexus chakra has a connection with the large intestine, pancreas, liver, intestines, bladder, stomach and the top of the spine.
Physically this can be connected to bowel and bladder problems as well as ulcers.

The Second Chakra - the Sacral Chakra

The sexual organs also produce hormones which are involved in reproduction. In men, the testes produce testosterone which controls the development of male sexual traits. In women, the ovaries produce estrogen and progesterone which regulate the female reproductive cycle. The sexual organs including the prostate, ovaries, kidneys, gallbladder, spleen, bowel and bladder correspond to the second chakra. Physical disturbances often show up as toxicity in the body and poor digestion.

The First Chakra - The Root Chakra

The adrenal glands are just above the kidneys, and they produce various hormones such as cortisol. Cortisol helps your body respond to stress in the fight or flight response. It regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates or glucose. It controls the blood pressure and also reduces inflammation. The adrenal glands produce cortisol, but the pituitary gland regulates it. The first chakra is known as the root chakra or the base chakra, and the organs are the lower spine on the testes.
Energy disturbances in this area can result in anemia, fatigue, constipation, Sciatic problems, and lower back pain. Quite often there are circulatory problems which result in cold hands or feet.

Chakras, Glands and Organs - A Cohesive System

When you’re glands are functioning optimum performance you have boundless energy. Unhealthy activities such as the poor diet can make the glands work very hard, but proper nutrition can rejuvenate them.
Every food you eat affects the glands, but they are especially affected by oils, salts, and minerals. Use good quality sea salt when cooking. Seaweeds or sea vegetables include kombu, agar flakes, nori, arame, wakame, and Hijiki. Including them in your diet is a great way to add extra minerals.

Eating animals that are being fed antibiotics and hormones also has a terrible effect on your glands. These hormones from animals will build up in the human body. If you must eat chicken and drink milk than the healthiest choice is organic meats and dairy products.

Exercise affects the glands because it stimulates the circulatory system. Some yoga positions stimulate the thyroid gland.

Having healthy glands is a positive, robust system and a healthy system helps to increase your intuition.

Subtle Bodies Part Two

Subtle Bodies Part Two

Subtle Energies Part 2


Subtle Energies Part Two

Subtle energies part two builds on yesterday’s post one introduction to the subtle energies and the auric fields.

We covered the first four of the seven layers of the subtle energy bodies. Today we start on layer four.

The causal body.

The causal body is electrical in nature and the seated and the brow behind the third eye chakra. It allows us to visualize and create our own realities. It is called the causal body because it reflects causes. These are the causes that produced the effects in the first three layers of the subtle energies.

It is on this plane where we find the blueprint possibilities of all structures both gross and subtle. It is at this level that you can experience the highest level of self.

We can create our reality when we tap into these blueprints. Which is why it is supremely important we visualize correctly what we want to manifest. It is the causal body that can examine the whole of the fields. This etheric layer understands the cause and the effects more deeply than the lower bodies. It links of the higher energies from the intuitive and atmic principles.

Thoughts entering this body are attracted passively. Nonetheless, it takes energy to manipulate these thoughts, and study can strengthen these thoughts

The causal body is a vehicle for thought. It transmits down to the lower levels.¬† Memories of previous reincarnations are stored here. It holds the lessons we have learned and also all the good we’ve accumulated during past lives.

To strengthen this etheric layer, it is essential to visualize very accurate images of what we want to to be reflected in our reality. This can be strengthened by practicing higher mathematics or reading and discussing philosophy.

Thought and Abstract Thought

We can see that the mental body is consistent with the creation and transmission of thoughts and ideas the brain. The causal body is involved in creating abstract ideas and concepts. Causal consciousness deals with the essence of the subject whilst the details are sent down to the mental plans. The causal body has two separate the true causes hidden by the illusion of appearances.

To function at this level you would be functioning at the highest levels of consciousness according to Dr. David Hawkins. It doesn’t mean the people can’t function in this level it is said that the composer Richard Wagner wrote the opera Parcifal after being in an Atmic trance.

The causal plane is still a world of reality, but it doesn’t deal with emotions or ideas.

Beyond the causal layer, there are even higher frequencies of subtle energetic dimensions.

According to Dr. Tiller, the etheric and physical forms of our whole are so intertwined that they are classified as human temporal reality. He believes the physical form, cannot exist without energetic nourishment provided by the etheric body.

There are limits to the perceptual capacity of the human brain. It is locked in a realm where time and space are fixed. This is known as temporal reality and in essence is an earthly concept of time.

The Buddhic or intuitive body principle.
Buddhic is a Sanskrit term which loosely translated means enlightened or awakened. This is the six level out from the human body and is the center of everything. The energy comes through the brow chakra into the lower bodies.

It is close to the spiritual Atma and it probably coexists with it. According to Helena Blavatsky in the “Key to Theosophy.” The highest self is the Atma the ray of universal and oneself. It is the permanent individuality of the reincarnating ego.

The Atmic principle,

This is the most abstract part of human nature. The highest level of human consciousness. Its element is either which allows all things to exist and come into being.

The Atmic principle uses the Buddhic body as its vehicle to the lower subtle bodies. As Blavatsky puts it the building layer is the channel through which divine knowledge reaches the ego. This is descending between good and evil the divine consciousness and the spiritual soul which is the vehicle of Atma.

In this level, we are getting outside of proven science. The nearest analogy may well be to explain the relationship between the buddhic body and the Atmic layer like an electrical transformer.

Initially, electricity has a tension of over 100,000 volts. Unfortunately, at this high level, it is unusable because it would be ridiculously expensive and dangerous to construct a motor to transmit it.

Atmic energy has the same effect on humans it is potentially destructive because of its high frequency. So the Buddhic layer level helps to cushion it and convert it to a safe level.

The buddhic plane may be described as the realm of intuition. It is in complete harmony with everything that is no separation everything is one.

These principles recognize the brain, and the mind is not the controllers. The heart center is the real controller.

The critical thing to remember about subtle bodies is that the more we develop spiritually, the more we increase integration and harmonization with the physical body.

For instance, many people stay in their comfort zones on these comfort zones relate to layers of energy. Emotional people are very touchy-feely. People who think and invest more power on the mental level are more self-contained and less sensitive.

Dr. Richard Gerber in Vibrational Medicine describes an experiment between chicken and rabbit embryos. Within hours of fertilization, the organs are formed in terms of lines without  physical structure. These were not veins they were energetic holding structures.

It works with salamanders he detected a field of energy before the spine formed. This was an energetic potential for physical manifestation to take place.

If you look at the etheric body as an energetic map, it transmits information to the DNA. It tells the DNA how to form. Once the physical body has developed we can use the same energy to help to repair the body. This is because the etheric physical body contains the Meridian lines with the acupuncture points which help maintain the health of the physical body.

It can be damaged in many ways ball essentially genetic factors, electromagnetic pollution, a diet depleted in nutrients can create illness and disease.

Subtle bodies explained. Part 1

Subtle bodies explained. Part 1

We all know what our physical bodies look like and we know some of the functions of the physical body. Most people are less familiar with their subtle energy system.

The reason our physical bodies look solid is because the energy vibration is slow. What we often fail to take into account of is the fact the physical body is sustained by the energetic levels that surround it.

Auric Field

The energetic layers that surround the body create an interconnected field known as the Arctic field. There are seven subtle bodies and seven energy fields and it is at least seven points that the fields are connected.

The whole system together is rather like a Russian doll. The tiny dolly in the middle is the physical body or gross body. It vibrates as a lower energy than any of the other bodies.Sahaja Yoga

It is constantly changing energetically, structurally and chemically.

It’s two main energies are magnetic and electrical energy. The magnetic fields are horizontal and they recharge when the bodies sleeping at night. The electrical charges of vertical and space so they tend to recharge when we are standing up.

Electromagnetic energy combines the two energetic forces and are visually represented by right angle. A right angle is the symbol for spirit entering matter. We experience any changes in the subtle energies in our physical bodies.

These layers of subtle energy can be picked up by the aid of Kirlian photography. Some people conceive naturally and others can learn to see them.

The etheric body or vital body.

The etheric body is the first layout from the physical body and teaches electrical in nature. As you progress outwards from the physical body each layer vibrates at a slightly higher level than the one underneath it. This layer is shown by Kirlian photography to be a deep blue.

This level contains the acupuncture meridians which take up energy through the acu points to feed physical body. This food has been transformed by the chakras to feed the human glands and hormones. This etheric body is seated within the spleen.

This body is connected to breath and it converts and transports the life energy the prana from the sun on the into the physical body. The primaries vital for the nervous system in the brain which is the interface between the highest subtle bodies in the physical bodies.

The etheric body also governs our sense of time and body rhythms. It tells ourselves when to divide and when to die. It’s also controls our ability to heal and regenerate.

The astral or emotional body

This is the second layer out in the Russian doll. This level is magnetic and like magnets it either repels or attracts. The emotional seat of the astral body in the body is within the liver. All our emotions are generated in the emotional body.

All the fluids in the physical body are influenced by the emotional body. It rules both the lymphatic system and immune system. Our blood carries our ego through our bodies.

The magnetic energy generates heat and thus the fire of this body enters the etheric layer underneath it burns all the toxic waste. The results of this building is ash and it’s carried away by the lymphatic system to be eliminated from the body.

If there is a disturbance between the emotional astral body and the etheric body than the autonomous nervous system will not function correctly. When it does function correctly the energy from the astral body induces little whirlpools and etheric body. These stimulate the production of nerve fibers, nerve cells, nerve interconnections. There is a magnetic attraction between the nerve impulses in both emotional and physical body.

The mental body.

The lower mental and the higher mental are the next two layers out from the physical body. The mental body’s electrical and all our responses which come from habit comes from this layer.

Our thoughts are comprised mental matter and they’ll keep my space on the mental plane first. These sorts attract like so that it is easier for us to access the thought already in existence. Which is rather like hundred monkeys on a typewriter will eventually type a Shakespearean play.

When we learn to control our own thoughts and not to be driven by our subconscious we release imaginative thoughts. This imagination allows us to become fully unique individuals understand our purpose in life. Our thoughts will extended out in the universe will create our reality which is why it is imperative we control the thoughts that we think. Obviously the more pessimistic they are the doctor will be our reality. The more optimism we can show the more we are in ourselves to new possibilities and solutions The mental body seated underneath the solar plexus and is often depicted as being yellow.

The higher mental subtle body is where our personality and ego resides. This lesson helps us to integrate the lessons of this lifetime. Each time we reincarnate we have a different combination of lower bodies. The experiences that we have from each lifetime are processed at the emotional or mental levels are not transferred upwards to the thread so or Antahkarana.

The thread soul is the bridge between the physical and mental realms. It is situated underneath the heart chakra in the heart center. It is situated here so that when we experience unconditional love we receive light, inspiration and information from source.

It also allows us to kinesthetically know when something is true. It also holds the key to develop our spirituality even though we may be experiencing a painful lifetime experience.

Because minerals have a crystalline structure they also act as bridges for our consciousness to engage with the physical realm. If we can’t metabolize a process minerals limits our opportunity of thinking you source. It’s only when our bodies can assimilate minerals correctly that we have a highly developed consciousness which we can tap into to understand life’s meaning.