Who or What Are your Spirit Guides?

Who or What Are your Spirit Guides?

My personal knowledge of spirit guides has changed recently because I have become aware my spiritual guides have changed.

As I understand it, you have two types of spirit guides the dominant spirit guides and the subdominant spirit guides.

The dominant spirit guides.

I have always thought of the spirit guides as being a part of you. Part of your higher self. But I have repeatedly said I don’t see things, but many people have told me that they can see my dominant spirit guides as being Tibetan, Chinese or North Indian and I also have a Native American spirit guide.

I can feel their presence energetically. I am aware of which ones I am feeling even if I don’t know the names or their origin.

They are all Essentially ME

I have always known that they are an integral part of me. It’s even possible that they have been a part of my past present and future. That is if you think about timing linear ways which I am thinking less about as I age.

Since I consciously decided to expand the spiritual aspects of my personality about three years ago, I have become more conscious of these guides and their presence in my life.

I have always looked upon them as aspects of myself.
Recently, as most of you who will know who read my blog regularly, I lost my husband. Very nearly a year his energy didn’t leave the house, and then I felt it ebb away albeit slowly

I decided in about June 2018 that I didn’t want this presence to leave my life. I decided to manifest a world where Leo, my husband was a spirit guide.

I Had to Believe this Was Possible

First of all, I didn’t know for absolute certain that this was possible although I felt it was. I didn’t define what type of spirit guide I wanted him to be. I didn’t actually think that far ahead. I merely manifested the thought that it would be advantageous for him to be one of my spirit guides.

On 8 September 2018, I met with Pamela Aaralyn, and she expressed surprise that Leo was a dominant spirit guide. She has said that it’s very rare for a deceased relative to be a dominant spirit guide because they are part of their own soul collective.

Why Leo agreed to be my dominant spirit guide is anyone’s guess. Immediately we met it was like we had known each other before. Was it love at first sight? No, it was anything but.


Going to the Roof of The World

We met on a bus going to Tibet, and the first night we attempted to sleep together. Not as you may imagine in the sexual sense, but because it was cold! Leo had left his sleeping bag on the roof and couldn’t get it because the bus was still going. I had mine with me.

Somehow, it felt as though there was a cord that bound us together. Yet in a way, it took many years to establish the trust and respect we have for each other.

We were each other’s best friends as well as partners. We trusted each other’s judgement in both a personal and professional sense.

Many many years later I can’t remember when, maybe after 30 years, maybe more we both realised that we with the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy. At least, we were when we went straight down the middle. We needed each other.

Better Together

What is odd about this connection is that although I can feel him everywhere I go, I can’t hear him. I am trying different ways to be able to understand his message.

Many say that your dominant spirit guides were picked by you, or rather your higher self before you decided to come to earth for this life’s experience. Maybe I did pick Leo. One of his greatest attributes was the fact he could always make me see something in a different perspective.

What I wonder is what is in it for him? I know that he is evolving in another dimension and I also know he is working towards an increase in collective consciousness.

As we learn to improve the path of communication, I realise it is a slow process. Rather like the process in life of getting to know each other. At least on this journey, the basis of trust and security has already been established.

Does he stop me from being aware of other spirit guides? No, he doesn’t! His purpose is not to protect me, nor is it to stop connections with other beings.

I am always aware of the connection with the elementals. I can’t say I have either heard, seen or felt an angel. That doesn’t mean I haven’t. Sometimes it’s just nice to bask in the energy. I don’t always ask who, or what or why they are!

I may have other subdominant spirit guides. Maybe they are guardians or watchers? I feel as though these guides are fleeting. They are there when you need them.

That doesn’t mean that there are any less important. They are there I think to guide you when you are having a tough time. When you are in crisis or in a dark place, then you find your watchers.

I know my spirit guides individually in the sense that they all feel differently. I can always define the energy. What I can’t do is tell you what they look like, what they say or who they are. To me, it doesn’t seem very important. Some people are fortunate in that they can see and know the name of their spirit guides. Maybe, I’ve never seriously asked (I have asked but maybe not necessarily in a state that I may understand the answer). I’m guessing because this isn’t important to me, but if I should find out during the course of my further understandings, I will let you know.

Because I’m not in any way clairvoyant, it would be difficult for me to see angels. Apart from anything else, it seems ridiculous in my head, to see the energy in a physical form with wings! I will leave that to Diana Cooper!

I tend to meet these guides which I feel a part of my soul family. We have had many experiences with each other. I personally tend to encounter them in the hypnagogic state. That is the transitional state just between being awake and being asleep.

In my world, the hypnagogic state is more fluid than my waking state. Many people including Charlie Morley associate the state with lucid dreaming. But lucid dreaming is another topic which I will go into on another day.