Where the Attention Goes the Energy Flows

The mind, your mind likes to keep everything compartmentalized and tidy. To do this, it labels everything. Change your Reality be Creative, ditch the labels.

During this labeling process things often become negative. If you wake up with a stiff neck in the morning, your mind tells you ” that’s bad. You’re getting older”.

Your mind tends to look at the negatives and the things that can go wrong. The mind is trying to protect yourself. It rejects what is going on in the minute, this minute in favor of bringing about a better future.

Because the mind can’t appreciate the now it makes is continuously busy. It is a state of mind the Buddhists call “monkey mind.” It is the mind’s constant striving to give you an endless list of things that need solving.

There are always things to improve about our finances, our health, our career, our diet, and even our spiritual health.

You may be thinking you need to live more in the present, or you need to stop judging people or be more compassionate or more intuitive et cetera.

The spiritual seekers are not looking for a better reality, or the authentic self or the truth they are merely looking for a to-do list!

We are co-creators of our , and everything is already perfect. Why would you want a list of steps to make you feel that way more often when that situation already exists.

Nothing lasts forever.

Let’s suppose you are feeling sad or reflective. Is that so bad? What’s wrong with that. Is sadness a problem at this moment, in the moment.

Usually, there is only an idea about a problem in the moment. By thinking about is this idea a problem now it reduces the stress what is happening now. This is the opposite of adding something to an endless to-do list. It reduces the sense of overwhelm and put things more into the perspective.

There is a significant side effect from this because when we come into the present and value the present, for now, we are connecting with a sense of wonder in the world. Not only is nothing wrong present in our lives in this present second but there is also an infinite depth of richness and love we can access.

Change your Reality be Creative

This type of thinking opens our heart center. This is a connection to peace joy and satisfaction in the now.

To go back to the example of the pain in the neck. Can you feel the pain in the neck? Is the neck tight? Are the muscles in the neck tight? Is there a tenseness around the pain? You are just exploring what is already here. There is no judgment attached to this questioning. It’s not going anywhere it’s just examining what is here now!

These questions aren’t to get you anywhere but to encourage you to savor where you are now. Quite often we look at life as being difficult, or challenging or sometimes just plain impossible.

Underneath all that suffering every moment offers sensations thoughts feelings and ideas. Sights, sounds, smells, desires and longings, touch and feelings constantly bombard us amongst other things.

Yet, is not these feelings or senses that is causing us to suffer. We only experience suffering when we start to look at these feelings and judge them and begin to work out how we can make them better. It is only when we resist all of this wonder in the world that we feel we are suffering or challenged.

Most people think suffering is the result of a bad experience; it isn’t. Pain comes about by allowing our attention to focus on something that doesn’t exist. We keep picking at the scab of fantasy, which are these ideas we think a reality.

At best, they are very insignificant truths. The suffering ends when we flow our attention towards what is actually happening. What is actually happening is true at the moment. Suffering is the gap between what we think is happening and what is actually happening. If the difference between the two a small the suffering will be tiny. The gap between the two is massive the suffering can be colossal.

Perceive Your Reality in a Different Way.

Even when something terrible is happening in your life, you may not feel any suffering. For instance, when my husband was in a hospice dying, I didn’t feel any pain. You would think to watch someone you love that it would be painful, but in reality, I could not watch him suffer anymore. The pain came later when I realized the loss of his presence.

Sometimes you suffer because you are frightened of change. Once you understand this fear, the change which is happening is not so terrifying. Your happiness doesn’t depend on what is happening. All our hopes and fears and worries are tiny truths when we let them go we release the suffering.

All those hopes and fears and desires don’t nourish us. What we desire isn’t in our presence or our present. If it were, we wouldn’t be thinking about it, wishing it to happen and wanting it.

Equally our fears are not in the present we are not frightened of something that is actually happening now. We are frightened about something that may well occur or not in the future.

Rejection and desire are two mechanisms we used to increase our sufferings. We tend to see-saw between the two.

Imagine this scenario

You are at a party when you are feeling lonely and bored because the friends you came with speaking to other people. You think if only I were thinner/more interesting/ funnier et cetera, I would be more interesting.

Then you daydream about fulfilling that desire. Whether or not you achieve what you are thinking about is irrelevant because even if you do become thinner/more interesting/funnier, then you still reject what is going on in the present. You will always judge the present not to be great so you will dream up something to make things better.

In reality, you are clutching your small self, me, the ego. You are correctly not even aware this is making you feel small incomplete and unsatisfied. You can only trust what you feel when your heart center is genuinely open. When you give your attention to the reality fantasies and desires and rejections, the suffering dissolves. We become curious about the process of rejection, but it no longer hurts us because we’re not judging it if we are indeed present in the moment.