What Living Free Means

When I was younger I thought living free meant living in a country with an elected government, the freedom to be free to speak your mind. The freedom to have a passport as of right, and the freedom to travel wherever and whenever you wanted to. There was a bit more to it than that, but I was thinking along those lines. The concept of Living Free For Growth, never entered my mind

Today, I realize that those definitions of living free are external freedoms. That realization led to a quest for inner freedom, this journey began three years ago. In the process, I have become liberated from self-doubt and fear. I do appreciate it is still a work in progress, but most of the time I enjoy that inner freedom. I am learning to trust my inner voice and my instincts and just be.

The rare times that fear does grip me, I am in a much better placed to deal with it. I can immediately change the way I think. That in itself was so liberating.


The results

Three fabulous results have come about with this work, and that is in no particular order-

Compassion – An increased compassion for everything.

Understanding what really frightens me.more of this later

Personal growth

Freedom for me now is not an ideal it is a living experience and a living journey. The quantum leap to freedom didn’t happen accidentally.

First of all, I practiced meditating daily every morning and every evening. From the very beginning of my journey, I managed to manifest the best people to help me. That made things a lot easier. None the less it was a steep learning curve, and I had to quickly and accurately what was true and what wasn’t.

Gradually my meditation techniques got better and after a year or maybe more, the synchronicity started to happen, My journey has not been linear it has involved steps forward and back. Only last week I had a breakthrough, a quantum leap into the world the other side of the veil.

One thing which always managed to elude me was what I was most afraid of? I looked and searched inside myself to no avail. That question cost me so much pain and angst I couldn’t believe it. Nor could I understand why I couldn’t uncover it. Then like all breakthroughs the answer came like a bolt out of the blue. No pain, no tension no struggle, just the answer.

The answer was so deceptively simple. I could not for the life of me understand why it had caused me so much pain and fear.

What Was I So Afraid Of?

Believe it or not, I was afraid of my potential. Not even fulfilling my potential just my potential.

As always with these breakthroughs, the universe conspires to give you the answer when you are ready. To be truthful I think it’s ready to give it to you all along, but you are not ready to receive it. However, when it does deliver, it knocks the door down.

Firstly I met Pamela Aaralyn in London a few weeks ago, and she recommended that we sing the ho’oponopono. I had always said it but never sung it. I tried to sing it, but I found I couldn’t make a note. The reasons why you can read in the next few paragraphs

Secondly, I met a new lady at my Saturday morning meditation classes. After class, we were talking about a few of us going to choir practice to learn to sing. I happened to say that I was asked to stop singing in school when I was about 11. The singing teacher told me to mime and never as long as I lived to sing another note.

F, the new lady said that as I was telling her the story she had a vision in her head of a jealous teacher. She could not bear the joy in my voice and shut me up!

A few days later I had a health kinesiology session with my teacher, and I had no specific issue to work on. She said we will work out what the body wants to work on, and there is always something to work on.

It turned out that the issue I needed to correct was “having no voice” I had several corrections to make one of them involved putting magnets on my throat. The process unusually for health kinesiology was extremely uncomfortable. I can’t say it was painful, but it did feel bizarre and uncomfortable.

The Breakthrough

So it was after these three events that the blinding flash of honesty about what frightened me came to light.

Don’t despair if you are working toward spiritual enlightenment. It doesn’t happen overnight it happens with practice. The critical thing to realize is to set aside the time to practice your meditation. None of us are born with the ability to shut down our thoughts for half an hour at a time, or more.

The only way we can really find out about ourselves is to go through this introspection. The answer will be different for all of us in the process will not be the same for any of this. Nonetheless, as a rough guide, the same principles apply to all. You need to look inwards and find your own truths!

I’m not too Into routines of having to do things the same way blah de blah, rituals are part of the programming. They don’t help!

Be Authentic

One thing I have learned you have to trust yourself to be able to answer what you need. To do that you need 1st to look inside yourself and see where your feelings and emotions are coming from. After that, you have to learn to control those thoughts.

By controlling the ideas that you have in your head and reducing the number of negative things that you say to yourself. Words like won’t, can’t, shan’t et cetera. Once you have control of these words and think more positive words, then you change your emotions.

You don’t have to be on a spiritual journey to understand this! Although I guess if you’re reading this far into my blog you have been reading for some time and are on a spiritual journey. You know that when you cry with sadness, you feel very heavy. It makes your eyes ache in your head thump. When you are laughing, or that is still giggling you feel light. It’s the same principle here change the way you think and looks inside, and eventually, you will learn and earn the freedom to live life on your own terms.