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The Problem With Passion.

Then, there’s the passion. The problem many people face is understanding what passion really is. You may feel really passionate about something, then someone tells you that you don’t look or sound passionate and you are questioning everything.

Passion doesn’t mean that you’re bouncing around the room like Tigger. It doesn’t mean that you’re on fire, with a racing heart, sweat dripping from your brow and obsessed.

There is something deeper involved with passion, passion is long-term. It grows, and it doesn’t give up. It isn’t a phase that you’re going through that you’ll ditch when it gets boring. More importantly, we all express passion differently. So, don’t assume that your passion is false just because someone else does appear to be smoking with passion.

Passion means patience, it means you care, it means that even when there is no reward you will do it because it brings you pleasure. It means growth and it means that you’re in this for the long-term. If you have that, then you are one decision away from truly living your purpose.

Don’t Let Time Run Out

As we age, time seems to move quicker. Despite the fact we all have the same 24 hours each day. But with age comes wisdom. We Think that time is running out for us to do something that truly matters to us. So, the decision stage of this process is the most difficult. It’s when your adult brain comes in and starts to panic about it all.

The ideas you had when you were a child, they’re still there. It’s just that you let all those other voices drown it all out. Your passion, your purpose, it’s there… it’s just waiting for you to find it, and use it. The decision is choosing to do. What is the point of discovering your purpose if you aren’t prepared to act on it?

Finding Your Inner Child

So many of us have failed to grow up. What that means is that despite the fact that they carry an adult body, they are still letting everyone else tell them what to do. They wake up and go to a job that doesn’t fit. They don’t make the decisions that they really want to because they let others block their possibility of being of whole. It’s not fair, is it? Is that the life that you’ve been leading?

When you make your decision, what you are doing is removing any other option. You might have the skills to be successful in a number of industries or positions. What makes you want to finish? Not through obligation, but through want. What is standing between you and the decision to fulfill your purpose and create a whole person?

The Importance Of Purpose

So, why is purpose so important? Life should be meaningful, shouldn’t it? You invest a lot of energy into your life, imagine how much more efficient your energy usage would be if it was connecting you to your purpose and ultimately, yourself?

Unfortunately, a lot of us have been tricked into believing that a meaningful life is one that is filled with material items. Having the newest phone might be cool for a brief period in time, but it doesn’t take long for you to grow bored of it.

Sure, you’ll still be glued to social media, but the buzz wears off and you could have done the same stuff on your old phone. A meaningful life shouldn’t be stressful or demanding, it should be pleasurable. You shouldn’t feel pushed to work long hours just so you can buy a new car. Purpose means patience. Your gratification may be delayed, but it’s an important part of being whole.

A Meaningful Life

The biggest aspect of a meaningful life is how it connects to living purpose. It’s about making a positive contribution and growing both personally and spiritually. It means that you contribute to society, all while feeding your whole self and finding fulfillment. The key?
Live your best life in the now. Work outwhat is truly important to you. So, if you have always wanted to write a novel, what are you waiting for? Instead of putting it off for another just start writing!

Schedule it into your day and make time for it just like you do everything else in your life. It won’t be easy, but if it’s your purpose… you will do it!
At the end of every day, you can ask whether you lived your purpose. If your answer is no, then you can change it tomorrow. It’s a continual journey, it doesn’t stop. Your purpose is a never-ending opportunity to dig in deep and get to know yourself. In that, you will reach new heights – and more importantly, you will be working to create a whole and fulfilled person. No one wants to lead a life of regret.

Final Thoughts

So, what is the role of purpose in creating a whole and fulfilled person? It’s everything. Without purpose, you cannot create a whole and fulfilled person. Without fulfillment, there can be no true happiness.
When you hear people talking about finding their purpose and living an authentic life, that’s what they are talking about. They’re talking about creating a life where they feel fulfilled and whole. It’s nothing to turn your nose up. We should all be doing this. We should all be so focused on living authentically.
Have you discovered your purpose yet?
If not, what is stopping you? If you knew how fulfilling it could be, you wouldn’t put it off anymore. You have taken the time to read this, and now it’s time to take it a step further and identify your own purpose.
Once you have your purpose nailed down, you can take the necessary steps to line your life up with that.
Every day, almost every minute you have the opportunity to make a choice. How can you make the right decision if you don’t know what your values and purpose are? It’s all connected.
Your values dictate your purpose, and your purpose should dictate your decisions. If your decisions don’t line up with your values and purpose, then you are leading yourself away from wholeness. So, you can see just how vital purpose is in creating a whole and fulfilled person.
It’s literally the most important thing. If it’s fulfillment and wholeness that you are looking for, the first step is to discover your purpose. From there, the sky is the limit. What are you waiting for?

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