Subtle Energies Part 2


Subtle Energies Part Two

Subtle energies part two builds on yesterday’s post one introduction to the subtle energies and the auric fields.

We covered the first four of the seven layers of the subtle energy bodies. Today we start on layer four.

The causal body.

The causal body is electrical in nature and the seated and the brow behind the third eye chakra. It allows us to visualize and create our own realities. It is called the causal body because it reflects causes. These are the causes that produced the effects in the first three layers of the subtle energies.

It is on this plane where we find the blueprint possibilities of all structures both gross and subtle. It is at this level that you can experience the highest level of self.

We can create our reality when we tap into these blueprints. Which is why it is supremely important we visualize correctly what we want to manifest. It is the causal body that can examine the whole of the fields. This etheric layer understands the cause and the effects more deeply than the lower bodies. It links of the higher energies from the intuitive and atmic principles.

Thoughts entering this body are attracted passively. Nonetheless, it takes energy to manipulate these thoughts, and study can strengthen these thoughts

The causal body is a vehicle for thought. It transmits down to the lower levels.¬† Memories of previous reincarnations are stored here. It holds the lessons we have learned and also all the good we’ve accumulated during past lives.

To strengthen this etheric layer, it is essential to visualize very accurate images of what we want to to be reflected in our reality. This can be strengthened by practicing higher mathematics or reading and discussing philosophy.

Thought and Abstract Thought

We can see that the mental body is consistent with the creation and transmission of thoughts and ideas the brain. The causal body is involved in creating abstract ideas and concepts. Causal consciousness deals with the essence of the subject whilst the details are sent down to the mental plans. The causal body has two separate the true causes hidden by the illusion of appearances.

To function at this level you would be functioning at the highest levels of consciousness according to Dr. David Hawkins. It doesn’t mean the people can’t function in this level it is said that the composer Richard Wagner wrote the opera Parcifal after being in an Atmic trance.

The causal plane is still a world of reality, but it doesn’t deal with emotions or ideas.

Beyond the causal layer, there are even higher frequencies of subtle energetic dimensions.

According to Dr. Tiller, the etheric and physical forms of our whole are so intertwined that they are classified as human temporal reality. He believes the physical form, cannot exist without energetic nourishment provided by the etheric body.

There are limits to the perceptual capacity of the human brain. It is locked in a realm where time and space are fixed. This is known as temporal reality and in essence is an earthly concept of time.

The Buddhic or intuitive body principle.
Buddhic is a Sanskrit term which loosely translated means enlightened or awakened. This is the six level out from the human body and is the center of everything. The energy comes through the brow chakra into the lower bodies.

It is close to the spiritual Atma and it probably coexists with it. According to Helena Blavatsky in the “Key to Theosophy.” The highest self is the Atma the ray of universal and oneself. It is the permanent individuality of the reincarnating ego.

The Atmic principle,

This is the most abstract part of human nature. The highest level of human consciousness. Its element is either which allows all things to exist and come into being.

The Atmic principle uses the Buddhic body as its vehicle to the lower subtle bodies. As Blavatsky puts it the building layer is the channel through which divine knowledge reaches the ego. This is descending between good and evil the divine consciousness and the spiritual soul which is the vehicle of Atma.

In this level, we are getting outside of proven science. The nearest analogy may well be to explain the relationship between the buddhic body and the Atmic layer like an electrical transformer.

Initially, electricity has a tension of over 100,000 volts. Unfortunately, at this high level, it is unusable because it would be ridiculously expensive and dangerous to construct a motor to transmit it.

Atmic energy has the same effect on humans it is potentially destructive because of its high frequency. So the Buddhic layer level helps to cushion it and convert it to a safe level.

The buddhic plane may be described as the realm of intuition. It is in complete harmony with everything that is no separation everything is one.

These principles recognize the brain, and the mind is not the controllers. The heart center is the real controller.

The critical thing to remember about subtle bodies is that the more we develop spiritually, the more we increase integration and harmonization with the physical body.

For instance, many people stay in their comfort zones on these comfort zones relate to layers of energy. Emotional people are very touchy-feely. People who think and invest more power on the mental level are more self-contained and less sensitive.

Dr. Richard Gerber in Vibrational Medicine describes an experiment between chicken and rabbit embryos. Within hours of fertilization, the organs are formed in terms of lines without  physical structure. These were not veins they were energetic holding structures.

It works with salamanders he detected a field of energy before the spine formed. This was an energetic potential for physical manifestation to take place.

If you look at the etheric body as an energetic map, it transmits information to the DNA. It tells the DNA how to form. Once the physical body has developed we can use the same energy to help to repair the body. This is because the etheric physical body contains the Meridian lines with the acupuncture points which help maintain the health of the physical body.

It can be damaged in many ways ball essentially genetic factors, electromagnetic pollution, a diet depleted in nutrients can create illness and disease.