Id, Ego, Superego

Id, Ego, Superego

What Is Ego?


What is ego?

My guess is if you any number of people what ego is?, You will get as many answers as people. To me, the ego is a protective mechanism.

It protects in many ways some of which are useful in some less so. It allows us to project to other people an appearance that we know what we are doing. We’ve got life sussed! Id, Ego, Superego are all words we understand for our benefit.

The dark side of the ego is that it constructs a false identity. Who and what we are is a combination of what we think, our abilities, our skills, personality, and our memories.

Ego hates to change it can only live in the now. It thinks is protecting us by creating this shower of negative thoughts, self-limiting thoughts. Because this will reinforce inertia, which the ego uses to keep us acting as we have always done.

These limiting thoughts can only define us if we let them. Having said that, the ego is smart. It can hide behind opinions we have held virtually all our lives all our lives and descriptions of ourselves we have heard all our lives!

The other downside of ego is it leaves a trail of emotional chaos in its wake! Feelings of resentment, indignation, and anger, the need to impress others and feelings of insecurity. The ego loves drama feeds on negative thoughts.

These negative thoughts stop us from progressing and stepping into our greatness. These beliefs are simply the structures of our ego. When we let these beliefs define us, we are allowing the ego to win.

The False Identity


Understanding the ego is problematic for two reasons. You can’t see it, and it is different and every person. It hides behind the curtain of opinions and thoughts we appear to think is true.

We all recognize the ego In other people. We can even tell what behavior it is masking. We’ve all been into her room and in that room is “the big I am.” The swaggering guy that has to project a massive sense of superiority onto everybody. We can see that by forcing his superiority onto everyone else, he thinks we won’t notice his insecurities.

Yet often we fail to see ego in our own personality and actions. If we want to develop as a person, it is essential that we take into account other people’s opinions. We need to understand inclusion rather than exclusion.

Ego tends to make us reject the opinions of others, and it restricts our vision so we cannot see anything other than our own thoughts and perceptions and limited beliefs.

One of the most deceptive aspects of an ego is that it generates powerful emotional reactions and then blames us how it made us feel. We often project anger which is the ego telling us we should feel right, we know better than someone else. We ignore this knowledge and then prevent personal growth.

The ego has to rely on the familiar it will do anything to prevent experiencing the unknown. It protects us by keeping us in our comfort zone. If we stray out of the area where we comfortable we may have to come from the, we not as terrific as we think we are. The ego thinks this is a scary concept.

Ego is an Unhealthy Attachment to Ourselves.

We make an active choice to allow ourselves to let the ego rulers. We resent the idea that any part of our thoughts is inferior to another. When faced with an opposing opinion we show negative emotions. We are either argumentative or angry or intimidating. We do what we have to do to subdue the ideas of others. This choice makes us weak. People who have real confidence do not have the problem to listen to the people.

People with real confidence allow their actions to speak for themselves. They don’t need to persuade people of their superiority. They don’t need to prove their ideas are better. Confident people don’t get threatened by teamwork and cooperation. They have no problem standing outside of their comfort zone because they know that they will fulfill whatever test they need to do.

They can listen to other people take into account what they have to say and are not threatened by it. It’s only when ego steps in that we fear what other people think about us.

That’s the difference ego leads us ultimately to pain and hurt, and confidence leads us to a peaceful existence.

Make the Choice – Drop Your Ego

The only real way to reduce the power of our egos is to let go. We are attached to our own opinions, and this is a dangerous state. No one should be so connected to anything they can’t let it go.

This doesn’t mean we disrespectful of our opinions! It says we’re open to the possibility of listening to new ideas and forming new opinions. We open our hearts to listen to others honestly and openly.

We can’t get rid of ego, but this openness transcends it. Often superior people have a sense of arrogance as well. Most people react to this with disrespect.

If you are as good as you think you are the world will see it anyway. That will resonate with this confidence because it brings peace.

Being confident will attract like-minded people and people who are attempting to reach your elevated position. People who are confident without being egotistical have a sense of joy and peace. They will attract other people who are joyful and peaceful. That will increase the synchronicity in their lives.

On the other hand, arrogant people will bring more arrogant people into their lives who will try to bring them down a peg or two.

Choose to Change

You can change your life at any time and in any way that you want to. However, you have to make a choice. Doing nothing or hoping that your life will get better will not achieve change.

This is why so few people make long-term change. It takes effort and commitment and energy. The thought of having a more abundant life is appealing to most people. The action of choosing to make that happen defeats a lot of people.

We need to become proactive. When we are reactive, we respond to other people’s tunes. We allow other people to be the puppet masters pulling strings.

To make an effective change, we need to let the ego go, pay very close attention to our thoughts and affirm that we have the power to change our lives.

Every day we have the option to make thousands of choices. In a lot of cases, we do not choose at all.

It’s also straightforward if we make a choice to have unreal expectations. We choose to be rich and one that doesn’t happen we think we made the wrong choice.

The unreal expectations generate a sense of fear, and we make fewer choices because we frightened of making the wrong decision.

Being proactive

Being proactive means, you take the choice to live your life to the full. You have made the steps to find out who you really are and you are confident standing tall.