Setting Your Field of Intention

Setting Your Field of Intention

The Power of Your Field of Your Intent

The Power of the Field of Your Intent

What is a Field of Intent?
“Everything happens to me because I ask for it and receive.”

Because we create everything we think about is really important for our happiness and creativity to set our field of intent.

“You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”


As I have often discussed we are vibrational beings. Our true potential is both small and large and can be more than one thing. If we wish to fulfill our potential in any sense we need to understand on every level how to be resonant with that vibration.

As I understand it every problem in the world results from our separation from source and the inability to communicate with those outside of our own vibration.

If this is to great step for you then consider that all conflict in the world has arisen as a direct result of the inability to communicate.

This applies whether you are thinking about the outbreak of wars or an argument between two siblings.


Never before have we had the ability or the possibility to bring our potential into reality. Energy levels are being raised on earth and this is been tested with both the Schumann resonance and David Hawkins Levels of Consciousness.

The Path We Choose Is Our CHoice

There has been an increase in the last few years of some people dying with no apparent cause. This is because not everybody will be able to live in the physical world of higher resonance. We need to stop resisting the change because cellular awakening is our destiny. If we don’t then we will be forced to leave this planet.
We all resonate with the understanding that we operate from either love, with an open heart or with a closed heart which is fear. Even though we understand this on a logical level, it is still hard to vibrate at that higher level of energy all the time. It is one thing to know that you don’t want to allow fear and confusion to dominate your life and another thing to make it happen.

Having said that all of us on one level understands our fundamental birthright to be happy. We also understand we can only fully realize that when we are dancing the same tune as the universe.

I believe that the quickening of the vibration of the universe is not here to challenge us it is here to help us. It is our choice whether we choose to raise our vibration or not! We feel challenged when we resist our destiny to fulfill our true potential.

The reality of our life is that we are co-creators in an ever expanding universe. The expansion of energy means that by necessity we need to be able to vibrate at a higher frequency. That higher energy will fill our life with joy and laughter we will be able to see beauty in everything we see. We will naturally be compassionate to all living things.

Changing to Create New Realities

This will require some changes. Some of us will stop eating meat, or stop reading the news. Other changes may well be that we go off alcohol. In other words, we will naturally begin to reduce our exposure to things which deaden our energies.

I try every day to look at the world with new perspectives. This is definitely a work in progress.

Looking at the World In Wonder

Obviously, the word one day means two things, and I try to do both. I look at the world with awe, and I also wonder how things can be better. Every night before sleeping I think about all the beautiful things that have happened to me in the day and wonder how much more the universe can give me tomorrow.

We all know that sometimes we have been in situations where there has been no possibility of finding a solution to a problem. It doesn’t matter how often we turn that problem over in our heads or how much we talk about it there is no solution.

By taking responsibility for our life, we realize that we really can be creators in the universe. Our physical bodies are a meeting place of our earthly and universal energies. If you have been reading me for a while, you will know I haven’t got much patience with rituals and laws. I generally think they constrict us rather than expand us.

This is why we must try to think with unusual perspectives. Children manage this all the time. An example might be adults see the sun as a source of heat for the earth. Children might see the sun as a source of light which reflects all the goodness and potential of the universe for us to see.

Start Looking At Things Differently

Looking at different perspectives creates a deeper connection to our souls. We develop an inner knowing which can resolve every problem. The answer to everything we know and never need to know is already within us.

Every morning after your meditation up release your intention and desire for the day. Although mine can change daily my first intention is always

“Today I will keep my heart centre open all day to all new possibilities.”

Because I want the universe to handle the details of this I don’t want to be in control of that thought any more during the course of the day.

You will notice that although this intention is very specific it isn’t attached to any specific event. An intention isn’t something you actually do but rather an energy or resonance you are part of.

Most of my lessons about the power of intent I learned from Dr Wayne Dyer. He taught me that magic happens between the gaps!

What did he mean by that I think for me it was that the power of magic lies between the silences of meditation.

People who have the power to set an intention correctly look as though they are living in a different world. Everything works out more smoothly with less stress. They don’t confuse themselves with the reality checks. They are well aware that they can create their own reality. They are conscious of their own openness. They are conscious of our oneness with each and every living thing in the universe.