Understanding Ourseves Is Vital For Human Growth

Understanding Ourseves Is Vital For Human Growth

Understanding Ourseves.

All permanent growth, personal growth, in my opinion, comes from knowing and understanding ourselves. I believe that if we don’t truly understand ourselves that we can’t really understand external events and physical things. We are always drawn into negative actions and get attached to things. If we don’t understand ourselves then we can’t possibly understand others.

Drawing back this curtain of self-deception is undoubtedly not an easy thing to do especially when you first start. Not only is it difficult, but it is also painful because we have to expose ourselves to the misconceptions we have about ourselves. In fact, many people may well ask why would anyone bother to do it– surely we are better staying in our comfort zones.

I would say that understanding our true natures means giving up destructive emotions and also eventually giving up the pain. Pain is not a necessary emotion we have to feel to experience life to the full. However, to get past the feeling of pain, we do have to come out of our comfort zone!

In three weeks time, it will be 100 years to the minute on the 11th of the 11th 2018 since the first world war ended. I grew up in the 50s with the description that this was a war to end all wars. Yet it seems to me 60 years later that we are no nearer to peace than we were then.

When I was a child, it was a very different world I understand that not everyone had a television nor a car. Yet it seems to me we lived in a world where we felt safe. I grew with children who didn’t fear! Today when I watched children I believe that they have a deep-seated sense of fear. I am not sure they even know what their concern is about but that sense of dread in itself is worrying for the future of humanity.

We Can’t Live With Fear and Be Happy

It strikes me that happiness itself has mental and physical aspects. It is a combination of inner peace, security, economic viability, and world peace. Establishing these ideals should be a collective responsibility. Wherever we live, where ever we come from, wherever we were born, whatever religion we practice or don’t practice, we all want to be happy. We all want the same thing. We don’t wish to suffer for ourselves or our loved ones.

We shouldn’t settle to watch suffering on any level. Not every one of us can be born a human. It is a choice that we make. An opportunity to live and experience the world with bodies. Everyone on the planet faces the same collective problems, and we should be looking to secure peace collectively.

The First Step Is Forgiveness

My most significant achievement so far in my own personal growth is to open up my heart and forgive. I have forgiven anyone who has ever harmed myself or my family. Forgiveness itself is cathartic. I have found; personally, it has opened up my heart, and I am much more compassionate towards every living thing.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean that I’ve accepted other people’s actions as being okay. I can’t change those actions. Indeed, forgiveness doesn’t mean I’m saying that I condone their actions. It just means I have let go of the right to judge those actions. If we can’t forgive other people, then the resulting hatred and bitterness and anger consume us all.

I was honestly making myself ill by judging others. It doesn’t mean I even have to see the people I have forgiven. The very act of forgiveness brings a feeling of peace in itself. I am not wasting any negative energy or in fact any energy deciding how I think about it. Letting go of the emotion is enough. I can live in harmony with the people I forgave without having to see them. In fact there is no reason why our lives should ever have to cross again.

That means in this life and in future lives. Hopefully, it says I have literally learned my lesson. When we see things wrong in other people, or we see things that irritate us, we are looking at mirror images of ourselves. We are each other! I am the same is my brothers and sisters we are all one.

Those that know me to know that I am not a religious person I do not believe in a God. Nonetheless, I do have tremendous sympathy with the Buddhist philosophy that all our troubles stem from an attachment to things we think are permanent.

In the pursuit of our own happiness, we can be aggressive and competitive with our fellow human beings. We think that just because we have the money to pay for human resources such as water, fresh air, and any material thing that we want that it is okay to have them.

Although there are a lot of people think about their human footprint on this earth there are many many more that don’t. People who think they can have anything that they want and squander resources are ignorant of life as it really is. The relentless pursuit of individual materialism is inhuman.

The humane antidote is unconditional love. You may well think that you love your close family unconditionally. Often you don’t, and the love is based on attachment rather than altruism. We need to foster a sense of natural and unlimited love and compassion towards everyone, including those who have done you harm or even great harm.

All of us can realize that at the beginning of life when we are young, we are dependent on the love and compassion of others. We need our mothers to breastfeed us, or someone to feed us. Many of us as we age will require kindness and compassion from other people to survive. That may be our families, and that may be other people who simply care. In my world, it is inconceivable that if we can see that we need people at the beginning and end of our lives that we can ignore people in our middle years.

We are all born compassionate and altruistic it is an innate human characteristic. That means that we are born with that ability. Of course, it is very pragmatic in the days when we had smaller tribal families it was a matter of survival. We helped other people to survive because even if our descendants didn’t survive our brothers and sisters descendants might do so.

In other words, the family will go on. Because we are born with that sense of compassion, it is one of the reasons why compassionate acts rarely hit the headlines. We see every night acts of violence on the television or read about them in the newspaper. That is because these acts are truly shocking to our very nature.

When we can separate ourselves from the judgment of all things and lose our sense of attachment we can look at life with a clear mind. When we cloud our minds with hatred, anger, jealousy and any other negative emotion we’ve already lost. We lost control of ourselves and also of our judgments. In those irrational moments, anything can happen including war and murder. Which is why we must strip back our nature so we can understand ourselves and every other human being on this planet. Very shortly in the future, our very survival as humans may well depend

Letting Go

Letting Go

Letting Go of Negative Emotions


Letting go

When I first came across Dr. David Hawkins, I fell in love. The first thing I read was “Power versus Force.” I have to say for the first time in my life the beliefs I had made sense. Who is Dr. David Hawkins?

He is the psychiatrist, probably the world’s expert on researching the concept of consciousness and a spiritual teacher.

I have always believed that naming or having a God is entirely irrelevant. There is a power in the universe which is the same power for all human beings. We are all connected in the energy of this power.

Yet, when I came to read “Letting go – The Pathway Surrender,” it was way out there even for me! I attempted to read it on numerous occasions and failed. The sensible option would have been to muscle test why I couldn’t get past page 50. There were two possibilities.

The first possibility was I didn’t need to read it. In the second possibility which I knew in my heart to be the case was the fact I couldn’t face it. I wasn’t ready to let go!

<H2>Acknowledging our smallness</H2>
It takes a great deal of courage and self honesty to see the Smallness within ourselves. By accepting that the human condition has an element of negativity we acknowledge it is part of our experience. Once we accept this, we can let it go. When I couldn’t actually read the book, I wasn’t actually ready to let my ego go. I was intellectually, in practice, it wasn’t going to happen I wasn’t ready for the change.

The pathway to peace, real peace, is allowing our inner self to shine through.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi lived during the time we accepted colonialism as normal. It was acceptable to think of some human beings are subnormal. In fact, it was the only way we could justify slavery. How can you justify enslaving someone who is your equal?

Mahatma Gandhi understood David Hawkins philosophy. Because we are all part of the collective consciousness on an energetic level we heal something in ourselves we heal it for everything in the universe. Quite literally by changing ourselves we are able to change the world.
The healing process
As we learn to love ourselves healing occurs on the inside, which brings about healing on the outside which brings about expansion into the universe.

The letting go technique is a pragmatic system allowing us to let go of our attachments. In simplistic terms, this means we can become free from emotional attachments.
The building of our thoughts
Every feeling we have arises from thousands of thoughts. When we live our lives trying to escape from our feelings the suppressed energy creates distress which will eventually result in illness.

It is one thing believing as I do that all illness comes from emotional pain and denying our spirituality. It is another to accept that that denial blocks our spiritual growth and any success we could achieve in life.

At the moment I am only a health kinesiology student, but it’s still possible to see by simple muscle testing, that suppressed emotions overflow into the body’s autonomic nervous system. Examples of these unconscious controls are the productions of hormones, temperature regulations, and control of our bodies heart rate. All of these things go on, on a subconscious level within our bodies. We don’t have to remember to breathe or pump blood around our bodies.

Yes, we begin to let go we can see an improvement in their lives around us. Not that we have set out to change other people, but the positive change in us affects those around us. It’s rather like throwing a pebble into a pond. The ripples extend much further out than you imagine
Reducing the Conflict around Us
In general, there will be less conflict in all our relationships because the elimination of negative blocks stops self sabotaging behavior. We depend less on intellectual knowledge and more on sentient knowledge.

Once we become less dependent on these negative feelings, we realize the more positive aspects of our nature. We become less hostile and aggressive and more outgoing and more loving. We are not holding onto guilt and shame.

Letting go of these negative emotions brings contentment and peace that can only be expressed as joy.

We Become More Limitless

Later we can let go of our perceived limitations because we have understood that it is only negativity that creates artificial barriers. We have no limitations we can achieve whatever it is we want to achieve.

Letting go of negativity is one of the most useful tools we have at our disposal. It allows us to reach our spiritual goals and develop into the limitless people that we truly are. It creates a sense of enlightenment in those around us because we raise their level of energy.

Again we have not set out to change anyone else. We can only be responsible for our own change, but any increase in positivity affects everyone around us.

I have no doubt that extraterrestrial beings looking down on us rather envy us. We get in such an angst! They must think us, so comical. We watch so many religious people follow spiritual pathways and yet we see hardly anyone realise an ultimate truth.

Our Very Confusion Is Our Salvation

It is our confusion, which is our humanness and our hope. If you are confused you are still free! Life is not about finding the answers but by looking at the basis of the problem and unravelling it.

The mechanism of surrender is simple, it doesn’t involve any dogma or belief system. It’s based on understanding yourself. It works for spiritual people, non-spiritual people, believers and nonbelievers.

You make yourself safe by freeing yourself from disillusionment. You work out how your mind has been programmed and your belief systems. You are your own guru, your own teacher.

What you are searching for is already a part of yourself, it has been a part of yourself since time began. Letting go, doesn’t mean acquiring new beliefs or new ideas.

It is already yours deep within yourself. It may have been buried so deep you can’t even remember it ever being there. No matter how deep it is hidden it is there waiting to be uncovered in all its glory. What you’re looking for is your own inner feelings and experiences.

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