Subtle bodies explained. Part 1

Subtle bodies explained. Part 1

We all know what our physical bodies look like and we know some of the functions of the physical body. Most people are less familiar with their subtle energy system.

The reason our physical bodies look solid is because the energy vibration is slow. What we often fail to take into account of is the fact the physical body is sustained by the energetic levels that surround it.

Auric Field

The energetic layers that surround the body create an interconnected field known as the Arctic field. There are seven subtle bodies and seven energy fields and it is at least seven points that the fields are connected.

The whole system together is rather like a Russian doll. The tiny dolly in the middle is the physical body or gross body. It vibrates as a lower energy than any of the other bodies.Sahaja Yoga

It is constantly changing energetically, structurally and chemically.

It’s two main energies are magnetic and electrical energy. The magnetic fields are horizontal and they recharge when the bodies sleeping at night. The electrical charges of vertical and space so they tend to recharge when we are standing up.

Electromagnetic energy combines the two energetic forces and are visually represented by right angle. A right angle is the symbol for spirit entering matter. We experience any changes in the subtle energies in our physical bodies.

These layers of subtle energy can be picked up by the aid of Kirlian photography. Some people conceive naturally and others can learn to see them.

The etheric body or vital body.

The etheric body is the first layout from the physical body and teaches electrical in nature. As you progress outwards from the physical body each layer vibrates at a slightly higher level than the one underneath it. This layer is shown by Kirlian photography to be a deep blue.

This level contains the acupuncture meridians which take up energy through the acu points to feed physical body. This food has been transformed by the chakras to feed the human glands and hormones. This etheric body is seated within the spleen.

This body is connected to breath and it converts and transports the life energy the prana from the sun on the into the physical body. The primaries vital for the nervous system in the brain which is the interface between the highest subtle bodies in the physical bodies.

The etheric body also governs our sense of time and body rhythms. It tells ourselves when to divide and when to die. It’s also controls our ability to heal and regenerate.

The astral or emotional body

This is the second layer out in the Russian doll. This level is magnetic and like magnets it either repels or attracts. The emotional seat of the astral body in the body is within the liver. All our emotions are generated in the emotional body.

All the fluids in the physical body are influenced by the emotional body. It rules both the lymphatic system and immune system. Our blood carries our ego through our bodies.

The magnetic energy generates heat and thus the fire of this body enters the etheric layer underneath it burns all the toxic waste. The results of this building is ash and it’s carried away by the lymphatic system to be eliminated from the body.

If there is a disturbance between the emotional astral body and the etheric body than the autonomous nervous system will not function correctly. When it does function correctly the energy from the astral body induces little whirlpools and etheric body. These stimulate the production of nerve fibers, nerve cells, nerve interconnections. There is a magnetic attraction between the nerve impulses in both emotional and physical body.

The mental body.

The lower mental and the higher mental are the next two layers out from the physical body. The mental body’s electrical and all our responses which come from habit comes from this layer.

Our thoughts are comprised mental matter and they’ll keep my space on the mental plane first. These sorts attract like so that it is easier for us to access the thought already in existence. Which is rather like hundred monkeys on a typewriter will eventually type a Shakespearean play.

When we learn to control our own thoughts and not to be driven by our subconscious we release imaginative thoughts. This imagination allows us to become fully unique individuals understand our purpose in life. Our thoughts will extended out in the universe will create our reality which is why it is imperative we control the thoughts that we think. Obviously the more pessimistic they are the doctor will be our reality. The more optimism we can show the more we are in ourselves to new possibilities and solutions The mental body seated underneath the solar plexus and is often depicted as being yellow.

The higher mental subtle body is where our personality and ego resides. This lesson helps us to integrate the lessons of this lifetime. Each time we reincarnate we have a different combination of lower bodies. The experiences that we have from each lifetime are processed at the emotional or mental levels are not transferred upwards to the thread so or Antahkarana.

The thread soul is the bridge between the physical and mental realms. It is situated underneath the heart chakra in the heart center. It is situated here so that when we experience unconditional love we receive light, inspiration and information from source.

It also allows us to kinesthetically know when something is true. It also holds the key to develop our spirituality even though we may be experiencing a painful lifetime experience.

Because minerals have a crystalline structure they also act as bridges for our consciousness to engage with the physical realm. If we can’t metabolize a process minerals limits our opportunity of thinking you source. It’s only when our bodies can assimilate minerals correctly that we have a highly developed consciousness which we can tap into to understand life’s meaning.