Taking Responsibility Exercises

Taking Responsibility Exercises

The Reality

Everything we have thought about in our head becomes our reality. We have created everything around us. Every tiny idea sets a seed in our head. When we have enough of these seeds, it becomes a thought. When we think about something, we begin the process of creation. We attract to us the things we most think about. When you think about reality in these terms, the idea of taking responsibility exercises becomes more critical.

As a result of this the things we manifest ours, we must own them and take responsibility for them. Whatever you continue to give your attention to will become real. So taking personal responsibility for everything we do in life is vitally important.

The English living dictionary defines responsibility as

1. The state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone.The state of being the person that caused things to happen.

‘a true leader takes responsibility for their team and helps them achieve goals’

Taking Responsibility Exercises and Examples
‘I make the effort, not only to recycle but to take responsibility for the waste my home produces.’
‘The more we take responsibility for our energy, the more empowered and productive we become.’
‘The pilot in command bears ultimate responsibility for his own safety.’
‘And, if we deal with reality, scholars must take responsibility for theories.’
‘The entire community has to take responsibility for preventing and dealing with victimization.’
‘So, therefore, we have to take responsibility for controlling those powers we develop.’
‘Fellow climbers offer limited help, but no one is prepared to take responsibility for his life.’
‘I’m sure it’s possible for us as a species to take responsibility for our own waste products.’
‘There was a lack of creativity and a lack of taking responsibility on our part, ” Christie said.’

2. The state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.
‘the group has claimed responsibility for a string of murders’

2.1 Responsibility to/towards in singular A moral obligation to behave correctly towards or in respect of.
‘individuals have a responsibility to control their behavior.’

In terms of manifesting the life you want the first definition is important
“the state of being the person who caused something to happen.”

All of the definitions of responsibility are just about tasks and jobs. The world responsibility consists of two words – responsible and ability. In this sensibility means being able. So being responsible is your ability to respond to events and situations in your life. So again we come back to the choice you have the choice to choose your response.

Letting go of your attachment to something will often mean it simply disappears out of your life. This works with emotions you replace anger with forgiveness and anger will simply disappear. Funnily enough, if you are particularly angry at the person and forget them, then they often disappear with the emotion.

You choose how you respond to things. You can discuss the situation with friends to create an emotional response. You can post the event social media. You can keep feeding it positive energy to make it grow in abundance.

The above examples of taking responsibility exercises are all about positive things. Negative things also happen. You can feed them negative energies so that they grow in darkness and become more poisonous and toxic. Or you can take responsibility and let the emotion go.

In the end, only you are responsible. You can’t blame your God, your social class, your parents, your partner, your children, your boss or infect anyone else. You are the one who created the experience, and you are the one that will enjoy the results. You are the only one who can change things. If you want to change the external realities in your life, you have to change the inner realities in the way you think.

The most important thing the in taking responsibility exercise is being grateful. Be thankful for the beautiful things the universe is already giving you. This creates a loop to provide you with more of the same. On the other hand, you can exercise responsibility to be more negative and beat yourself up and bring more darkness into your life.

When we take responsibility for our lives that we make a conscious choice to direct our future how we want it to play out. We become active co-creators in our world.

The end result of taking responsibility is we bring balance into our lives. You may notice reflecting on your own lives that we sabotage things to bring balance.

An example here you are attending a family Sunday lunch. You are very close to your family and everyone has brought their favorite dish to share. There is a lot of laughter and a lot of joy around the table. Funny and happy memories of being brought up in the conversation. You are watching some of the adults holding hands, sharing a kiss or just smiling at each other. The room is full of joy and laughter.

Suddenly, you think about tomorrow’s work. You are having a review of work and it occurs to you that you may lose your job.

Suddenly the bubble of joy bursts! You fear for the future.

Once the state is in good we are thinking about an outside circumstance we can’t control. We fear the fact that we can’t control it. And this throws is out of balance.

We can never take The stress of external circumstances but what we can do is to control our circumstances from the inside.
taking responsibility exercises
To achieve balance in life we must concentrate on the factors we can control. Being aware of our core values which we talked about yesterday helps here. Identifying our core values helps us from straying from what’s important to us. Adhering to our core values is one way of taking responsibility for our life. Again it is our choice whether we bring peace and harmony and balance into our lives or whether we hold onto fear.

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